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Tatsumi Kimishima Confirms There Will Be A Nintendo Direct This Year

The Wall Street Journal, who attended Nintendo’s Financial Results press conference has advised that Kimishima, Nintendo’s newly appointed president, confirmed that there will be “at least one” Nintendo Direct this year.

When it will be is still unconfirmed, but the the desperation for a Nintendo Direct has been rising over the past few months since Satoru Iwata’s sad passing. Nintendo has announced various news over the weeks that would have normally fit into a Nintendo Direct, so it will be interesting to see what it will entail.


40 thoughts on “Tatsumi Kimishima Confirms There Will Be A Nintendo Direct This Year”

        1. Same here. I don’t think Kimishima-san has the personality and Shigeru Miyamoto doesn’t speak real good English so that only leaves Reggie. He should definitely do the Directs from this point on, especially since he’s been doing them in the past with the late great Satoru Iwata for so long anyway but Mr. Iwata is simply irreplaceable. There will never be another like him

                1. Satoru Shibata is in charge of the European Directs and Nintendo of Europe (he’s very shy, but those directs of him are getting better and better everytime) I see happening that the Directs will be split into region: Morimoto(Japan), Regie or Bill(USA) and Satoru Shibata(Europe)<–my favorite :P

                  If I think about Shibata I think about Iwata(In the way they handled the directs) so him in every region would be awesome(unlikely tho) and much more unlikely is Kimishima

                    1. I agree. If Nintendo ever decides to hire a American-born person to be the global president of their company it should be Bill Trinen. He has lived in Japan and speaks both Japanese and of course English fluently and he studied business in both America and Japan so he knows both cultures easily. I don’t know why he hasn’t got at least a consideration but then again maybe he has for all we know

                        1. I’d like Shibata to handle both the European and Japanese directs (probably won’t happen) or Kimishima himself, at least this first time as a way of introducing himself to the dedicated consumers.

                        1. It feels odd every time anyone reports on the CEO of Nintendo and they don’t follow with Iwata. It still doesn’t sit right with me. Nothing against the new guy, but Iwata left an even bigger hole.

                        2. I have a feeling that they will make some kind of Iwata tribute in the Direct, at least I hope they do. I swear though if they put Iwata saying Directly to you or anything like that in the Direct, I will probably tear up. :”(

                          1. A Nintendo Direct is much needed and long overdue. Nintendo needs to address the rumors and issues about the new account system, the Twilight Princess situation, the Wii U’s price point and maybe an update on Pikmin 4 but in regards to any news about the NX, I think they’ll probably just remind us to stay tuned for next year by saying something like ” Get ready everyone for a major announcement about the future of Nintendo gaming in 2016 as we’ve stated before “, to get us all psyched and hyped up. I can’t wait to see what the latest Direct will have in store for us

                          2. Finally! Nintendo needs to release some new information regarding their holiday titles, as well as mention some new totles that have yet to be revealed.

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