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Memes Appear In The North American Version Of The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes


If you enjoy Internet memes, you’ll be happy to know that they appear in the North American version of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. One of the more popular memes featured in the game is the Doge, which uses two-word phrases written in a form of broken English. “So ancient” and “such ruin” are the phrases in this case. These particular examples don’t seem to be in other versions of the game, as shown in the image above. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is available now for Nintendo 3DS. It was recently revealed that it might be getting paid DLC.


23 thoughts on “Memes Appear In The North American Version Of The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes”

  1. Your Friendly Neighborhood Robot

    It’s a hidden message telling us meme runner is coming back. Board your windows, unplug your Internets.

    1. What if I told you, I had ideas for a fighting game character whose attacks and fight quips were all memes or references? Such as tagging in saying “My body is ready”? Or a super special where he throws his fedora like a frisbee while saying “HAT TRICK”?

    1. This is never good. It’s always terrible going back to a game to find terrible, outdated memes that probably weren’t that fun in the first place. Just look at how alien the memes in Guacamelee feel now, and that game isn’t even old yet.

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