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Turns Out A$AP Rocky And Wiz Khalifa Play Wii U

Turns out popular rappers A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa enjoying nothing more than a spot of gaming on the Wii U from time to time. It’s not known which game it was that they were playing, but my money is either on Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart 8. However, you never know. They could be playing Splatoon.

Thanks, ZGen

48 thoughts on “Turns Out A$AP Rocky And Wiz Khalifa Play Wii U”

    1. How the hell you gonna automatically assume they both have a gamepad? Think about it. If the wii U can only use 1 gamepad and one of them are using one, what’s the other person probably using? Come on man you need to think…

  1. Nintendo needs to advertise these rappers playing wii U on NBA Halftime show. 30 second commerical. People follow what celebrities do. After all before Drake Griffin was the spokesman for the Kia Optima, it never could outsell the Chevy Malibu. Now because of Drake, the Kia Optima has outsold the Chrylser 300, Chryler 200, Chevy Malibu, Toyota Prius, VW Passat, VW Jetta and it has also gain Kia bigger market share. Globally, HYUNDAI /kia outsells Ford, Honda, and Nissan. It is just shy under Toyota and GM. Thats what Ninte do needs to do if they want bigger market share. In the USA alone Kia Motors America is sellsing nearly 50,000 units a month. The Kia Sorento is top 20 best selling SUVS in America. The Kia Soul is the best selling vehicle in its class. The Kia Soul outsold the Nissan Cube, Honda Fit, and dethroned the Scion XB the first year it debuted in 2009.
    The Kia Sorento earned best SUV by JD Power. Nintendo needs to think like this…

    1. What you mean “who?” Kia is partneared with NBA. And has had great quailty and was ranked 2nd highest quality car 2015 according to JD power and associates. Kia moters has beaten Toyota and Honda in over all quality for the first time since it debuted in the states in 1994. Because of this, Toyota’s president is stepping up their quailty level. Kia just lost to Porsche which was No.1 in quality. Hyundai was number 3.

              1. They’re well received, though. They don’t seem that good because they aren’t popular like that cockroach-looking rapper.

                1. True, but their fanbase is fairly small. I personally always felt they weren’t that good rappers. Everyone in Asap Mob has always felt wack to me, and wiz has always been mediocre to me. I’m judging them base on skill, not party songs or how many blunts they smoke a day now.

                  Lol whose this cockroach Rapper you speak off? Wayne? 2Chainz? WackaFlockaFlame?

              2. The Kia Sorento, Kia Optima, Kia Soul, all earned 5 star Crash safety ratings. That means it is a 90% chance of survival if a person crashed. 5 star is 90%, 4 Star is 80%, 3 star is 70%, 2 star 60% 1 star n is 50% chance of survival. The highest is 5 star.

              3. Kia also won Red dot design awards. The following models: 2009 Kia Soul, 2009 Kia Rio, 2011 Kia Optima, 2011 Kia GT, Kia Niro concept, Kia Carens, Kia GT4 Stinger which will debut in 2019. The Kia GT is planned to be unveiled at 2016 NYAS. Also the 2016 Kia K7/Cadenza is being redesigned for next year. Kia also has a rival to compete with the Toyota Prius.

              4. Future Kias: 2016 Kia Optima, 2017 Kia Hybrid crossover, 2016 Kia sportage, 2016 Cadenza, Facelifted Kia K900. Also Lebron James owns a Kia K900. Kia also has a BMW 5 seires rival coming called the Kia GT. RWD too.

                  1. And then watch them try recording and posting on YouTube. Nintendo will be all over their ass in two minutes and then quit just like AngryJoe did which I get why he hates Nintendo now.

                      1. One, that’s Google which caused the whole video = $ problem and then the Copyright BS. Nintendo only made it even worse while other companies found other ways plausible for users. Don’t say one is worse than the other. Both are terribly worse the same way. L

                        1. They have to work the whole month of Nov for free no matter how big they are. They get their highest ad money in nov. All because of youtube red and they gave them less then a days warning. They also have to stream every so often or they lose ad money.

                        2. That’s why I am Subscribed to one guy, who is doing Nintendo Let’s Plays, thanks to people supporting him on Patreon. That way, he can play Nintendo game, which is what his channel is known for, and he still get’s paid for doing them. For him, Audio/Visual Copyright Claims by Nintendo, don’t matter.

                            1. People who devote their lives to the art of spoken word are not the same as the “rappers” that record and push shitty pop rap down your throats.

                              But yes, bad hip-hop is very bad.

                              To be fair, Jack Parow is from Africa. Good and different take on a new type of musical culture. I highly recommend to everyone. He has a wide range of music as well.

                                    1. Yup Lucy Ford is a masterpiece, also the history of Sevens travel is a tragic one. Great album though, have you gotten the chance to listen to ‘You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun Were Having’?

                                      Oh yeah -_- and those long ass damn album titles.

                                      1. YCIHMFWH is a fun CD, Strictly Leakage is a good one with lots of special guests. I own God loves Ugly, Sevens Travels, 7″Headshots w/ bonus CD. I’m planning on getting South Siders and To all my Friends, the blade makes the Blade Holy (pretty sure that’s the name).

                                        1. Oh youll love South Siders, The intro and every track that follows are great. Its definitely not without its faults, but its an amazing album none the less. I didnt like To All my frieds as much, but its a great album nonetheless.

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