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SEGA Removing Sonic Games From Wii Virtual Console

Famitsu is reporting that SEGA is currently removing Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 from the Wii Virtual Console. The reason for the removal is unknown and we also don’t know if it’s just happening in Japan. However, the games will disappear from the Wii Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade on October 30th.

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40 thoughts on “SEGA Removing Sonic Games From Wii Virtual Console”

          1. Considering both games are available on PS3 and they didn’t mention that it’d be more likely they’d be pairing up with Sony. It’s probably just licensing expiring though. As long as you have already bought the game on any of the consoles you are entitled to re-download it though. They’d have to refund you if they made it impossible to re-download them.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>The Segans are either working with the Master Race, Applings or are returning to the war>>>

                1. With Sonic games and the condition they are in though, it would be a fool’s prospect to reenter the console market. And Sega hasn’t shown any signs of reviving any of their dead franchises either. So what do they have to go on?

                    1. I LIKE Sonic and most Sonic games, but recent ones have been lackluster. I shouldn’t have to explain again why Boom was a disaster overall and why Lost World was plagued with problems that made the whole thing a lot less fun.

                      1. I hope this only means the Genesis titles, as the Wii is the only way you can buy the Master System versions of the 8-bit Sonic games. They keep porting the Game Gear versions, which are inferior, with way zoomed in cameras making the games practically unplayable.

                        I can do without Sonic 2 8-bit, but Sonic 1 8-bit on the Master System is one of my favorite 2D Sonics.

                      2. well SEGA never add any sonic games on the Wii U virtual consoles but i guess i have more doubt for SEGA next year the 25th anniversary of sonic will be great but i wonder what plans they have for that celebration.

                        1. I’m curious too. You know Sega will release something for Sonic next year, whether or not development is actually finished lol. I just hope it’s something good. I won’t get my hopes high though!

                        2. Sounds like they’re discontinuing Wii services at this point which should’ve been done years ago if Nintendo wanted to move everything to a new service and console which both sucked ass.

                          1. I didn’t even know that it was possible to even access the Wii shop channel i thought it was closed together with the Wii wi-fi

                          2. It’s probably just due to licensing. You SHOULD still be able to download the game if you already purchased it though. I bought TMNT: Unshelled on PS3 and when it was removed it was still downloadable. since I had bought it. I don’t know how this will work on Wii since they’re crap about their online services to begin with, but unless they want a few lawsuits they’ll still be available since they’re paid games. Maybe SEGA is planning a re-release or something.

                          3. It could either be because of something law or maybe new ports from Taxman? The Sonic 1 and 2 games for iOS and Android? Those ones are actually great and the definitive edition to play classic games. Unless its for nostalgia reasons and that’s still okay too.

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