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Nintendo UK Store: Falco Amiibo And More Available To Pre-order

The Nintendo UK store has begun emailing customers to inform them that the Falco amiibo is available for pre-order along with a variety of other amiibo. With the holiday season fast approaching it’s probably best to get your orders in now if you want to secure certain amiibo. The amiibo are £10.99 but there’s a £2 delivery charge on items under £20.

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store: Falco Amiibo And More Available To Pre-order”

  1. For some reason, stores here in the US don’t even do pre-orders for amiibo anymore. Well, SOME might. But I haven’t been able to pre-order amiibo since……………see, I can’t even remember what that last wave was that I pre-ordered. I never see the newer amiibo on store sites like Toys R Us or Gamestop. I’ve just been taking my chances (and lucking out) and going to stores on release day. Except for Toys R Us. I have no Toys R Us nearby.

    1. It probably started after the disaster that was Wave 4 that led to the servers being tied up for hours. I go to several stores in my hunt and I’ve heard horror stories from the employees at all of them.

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