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The Wii U Has Finally Outsold The Dreamcast

It’s been a long time coming but we now know that the Wii U has managed to outsell Sega’s ill-fated Dreamcast console. Wii U hardware sales now stand at 10.73 million units, while the Dreamcast sold 10.6 million units. While the Wii U has outsold the Dreamcast, it has certainly taken its time to do so as the Dreamcast reached the figure within 18 months whereas it’s taken Wii U just under three years.

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87 thoughts on “The Wii U Has Finally Outsold The Dreamcast”

                          1. Like marketing that shit for “kids” know, the hardcore that felt betrayed over the years and the 3rd parties that A. Won’t STFU about a console’s programming 2. Won’t STFU about specs and 3. Won’t STFU about excuses of why their ports and games suck.

                                1. I enjoyed the Sega Saturn the lower selling consoles less than a million from the dreamcast. It had games I enjoy. From my point of view a great system, from someone else’s point of view a bad console. Neither is right and neither is wrong. People may be blind or even delusional but they like what they like.

                                  1. They’re all fools, that’s all I have to say.

                                    Dreamcast did “bad” because of what Sega did before it. They had it figured out in Dreamcast but the damage was already done and it costed them much. Sonic is their only life line left. Take that out and they’re done for good.

                                    Nintendo has been so fucking arrogant for years, longer than any company I’ve known except EA, that it’s finally sinking into fans heads that they don’t give a shit anymore. The hardcore is their only answer to salvation but they’ve become so fucking stupid to kick that hardcore audience repeatedly to the face and run off with fucks with loves games by only tapping on a screen all day and rain money for them without knowing WTF they’re spending it on and chickenshits who don’t wanna fight against obvious unfair play because they’ll just believe the first BS they wanna see and hear. Brain-fucking-dead zombies for fans is what they have and all of them are either gonna get shot down or die off themselves. I so cannot wait for the day to see Nintendo gets ruined so hard that they’ll wanna pull back and stay in their little goddamn fantasy island of a country since they wanna be oblivious from how the other side of the world works and wants. Stubborn fucks of Japan is what they are to me now, just like they were back in the 40s at the time of WW2.

                                    1. I’m glad you got that off your chest. I hope that felt good. I want the Japanese style. I really don’t like the direction of western developers or the western focus. The people that I see is arrogant is western gamers that think they the only one that matters. Sure they throwing in the most money but eastern gamers work too and use their money too. You says fans as if the vocal minority of the Internet are the fans. The Internet fans are a small amount of the fans of Nintendo. I respect your anger towards them. No company gets me mad enough to speak about them. When I’m unhappy, the company just doesn’t exist anymore. That is just me and people are different.

                                    2. I don’t understand, it’s not perfect but it’s not THAT bad. Personally it’s one of my favorite systems, and I like it a lot more than I ever liked my 360 or even PS2. For Nintendo’s standards it’s not that great, but it’s better than any Playstation or Xbox I’ve ever owned.

                                      1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                                        I respect your opinion, man. But it does not come close to 360 and definitely nowhere near PS2 imo.

                                        1. Talk about old systems, Wiiu has far better games than ps4 in terms of new ideas and gameplay with releases like super Mario maker-designing own courses it like being game designer, Mario party 10- nothing beats Mario party games and with bowser is awesome, splatoon- original ideas, amazing multiplayer, ink splattering effect stunning best game so far 2015, seriously Wiiu has produced best games this year rather playing fps shooters, racing, fighters on ps4 and xboxone reminds of playing pc games on console, how boring is that.

                                            1. Yes very enjoyable games, I was surprised you say Mario party 10 is horrible, I will buying this game soon, I really liked it.
                                              One thing don’t like about consoles especially Sony Microsoft they are more like playing pc, why I say that most majority games are pc games, which you can play them on pc on high end systems better than consoles, we really need proper console based games that what Nintendo Wiiu has very strong stand in its games, just take look below new releases are only on Wiiu and console games:

                                              2)Mario tennis ultra smash
                                              3)xenoblade chronicles x

                                              To many have in trust in playing pc games on consoles, I seriously hate when ps4 releases these games and I never buy them, I’m here to play console games not pc titles.

                                            2. Wii U only has like what? 8 decent games that grow boring quick compare to PS4’s growing range of great games despite being PC being ported over. At least it’s there. Fuck, even DS/GB libraries DESTROYS Wii U’s pathetic ass shelf of highly familiar games with the only exception that is Splatoon but that too is lackluster in its own ground.

                                              1. Didn’t you say a while back that Nintendo didn’t need 3rd parties? Oh and please tell me the great exclusives I can buy on the PS4. What maybe like one real good one in Bloodborne while the rest are a bunch of PS3 remasters. Please the only thing the PS4 is clinging onto is last generation remasters, multiplats and a couple of indie titles and that there’s only advantage but the Wii U’s exclusive lineup trumps the PS4’s weak ass exclusive lineup any day of the week

                                                1. And that they needed more games that fans want. Now we can safely say they failed hard to do both.

                                                  What Wii U has? MK8 with screwed Battle Mode? SSB4 (WiiU) with weaksauce single player and higher clone count than Melee? NSMB rehash #3? Shorter Pikmin 2 with 3 characters with no difference? Mario 3D Land in HD? Crappier MP that shits on the far superior MP2 gameplay without remorse? A sorry ass excuse for a “Zelda” when it’s just Dynasty with Zelda skin and overpriced DLCs that 3DS is getting with the game and more for only $40 in 2016 (sucks to get burned by your favorite gaming Corp doesn’t it?) DKC Tropical Freeze with no real change from Returns or same charm and challenge from original trilogy? What’s next that’s “good” for that pathetic ass PS3 tryhard with a big ass forced controller that no one likes besides retard man-children? Another Star Fox 64 in HD instead of a Star Fox Assault sequel with improved gameplay that people liked? Another boring ass Mario Tennis that 3DS already got just recently? A delayed Zelda HD that’s never gonna see the light of day on Wii U but on NX obviously? How about that shit excuse for AC as a MP clone that shits on fans wanting a build up from New Leaf?

                                                  Humor me. What exactly does that fucking console have besides too many of the old, same crap I’ve played already?

                                                2. Multiplat games are still games. If someone has an XB1 only, they’re not going to care about how many of the games available can be played on other platforms as well, they’re going to care about how many games are available to them.
                                                  Of course I’m not saying exclusives aren’t important, because they are. But acting like multiplats don’t count just because they’re available on other systems too seems kinda silly to me. They enrich the library of a console, after all. Also, if they’re really so unimportant, how come the WiiU is suffering greatly because of the lack of those titles?
                                                  To come back to the exclusives of the PS4: While it’s true that there haven’t been many of those at all, let alone *new* games rather than remasters, saying that the PS4 doesn’t have much to cling onto is very wrong, in my opinion. Just off the top of my head, there’s games like Horizon, The Last Guardian, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, , Gravity Rush, Persona, Yakuza and Detroid coming to PS4 exlcusivlely (not mentioning console-exclusives). But yea, if you look at it *right now*, there isn’t much going on exclusive-wise, indeed. Thankfully, 3rd-party titles do a great job filling in pretty much every month, and as mentioned above, the PS4’s future looks greater than ever. And personally, I very much prefer getting more and more games to choose from every month even if they’re mostly multiplat, rather than getting only exclusives every 4 or so months.

                                                  1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                                                    Multiplats like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and The Witcher 3 are my favorite games this year. Not sure what the fuss is with people and “exclusives”.

                                                    1. Absolutely agreed. There are some truly fantastic multiplats out there, so it just seems silly to me when people look down on them and act like they “don’t count”. All I know is, the fun I’m having with them does count extremely well, that’s all what matters. :p

                                                    2. That’s your subjective opinion though. Believe it or not, there are people who simply don’t enjoy some of Nintendo’s titles as much as other games.
                                                      And what do you mean by “reminds me of playing PC games on console, how boring is that”? It’s not like all PC games are the same or anything, so that doesn’t make much sense. It’s the exact opposite actually, PC probably has the most diverse library of games there is.
                                                      If you’re referring to many PS4/XB1 games being available on PC too, well, I don’t really see how that would matter to me as a consumer. If someone has an XB1 only, why would they care about the games they have access to being available on other platforms as well? How does that have any kind of direct effect on that person? They’re getting a bunch of games from a bunch of developers, that’s what should matter the most.
                                                      I personally own both a PS4 and WiiU, but I play on my PS4 a lot more and there’s way more games I look forward to on PS4 than on the WiiU. But I do very well realize that it might be the other way around for many other people out there.

                                                    3. Mario Maker was over hyped and they didn’t even checkpoints until now. Still waiting for them to release the rest of the game. And Mario Party is crap right now.

                                                      And if all you’re looking for is FPS and racing games on the PS4 then you’re missing out.

                                                    4. I wouldn’t say better then the 360, with Wii U I get no T or M rated games. Not that I care for COD. But I would miss halo, bioschock, skyrim exe. Also 360 has a way better os, with many more apps and I can even stream music to it and use my own music while playing a game, and Xbox one offers even more. Don’t get me wrong I love Wii U, but I wouldn’t say its better. Personally I end up getting all systems so I can play all games

                                                      1. The Xbox 360 is only better because of it’s massive 3rd party support (mainly multiplats) and online infrastructure but other than that it’s a pretty generic system and not to mention it had hardly anything in terms of exclusives and that’s how the PS3 came back and outsold it lifetime. Now the PS2 is a totally different beast. It had a large library of 1st and 3rd party exclusives not to mention it was the first gaming console that played DVDs. After the SNES of course it was probably the best console ever and I really hope the NX falls into that category also

                                                    5. The sales of Wiiu hardware increasing, when the some games are quality especially splatoon, super Mario maker, Mario party 10 has sold so well with these titles Wiiu has good stand, more titles are coming this year, Wiiu will sell more hardware.

                                                    6. The thing about Nintendo though is that you miss out on so much when you don’t buy their consoles. Nintendo has BY FAR the best and most exclusives of all. If you but a PS VS an Xbox VS a PC your not missing that many exclusives, but if you don’t buy a Nintendo console your missing A TON of really great exclusives. If you buy a PS4 you practically have an Xbone or a PC, but not a Wii U. If you have a Wii U and one of those other 3 you basically have every game available to you. But if you buy a PC, and an Xbone, and a PS4 your still missing out on a lot of games.

                                                      1. I do agree about your comment but you are saying ps4 is missing a lot, no it doesn’t nearly all the xboxone are available on ps4 and Sony systems has better exclusive than Microsoft console now with Wiiu yes it’s true this system has lot more games and better exclusives that’s why this console one of the best for a gaming system and that’s what keeps it going with some titles being amazing as you know Nintendo is the best developer in the world thanks to the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto for his help and support creating one of the best characters in video games also producing finest titles of any developer.

                                                        1. No I said that if you owned a PS4 and an Xbone, and a PC your still missing a lot of games. My point is that most games for those consoles are also on the other two, minus some few are far between exclusives. Playstation is my second favorite video game company after Nintendo.

                                                          1. The same can be said any way you mix it. If you don’t have one system, even if you have the rest, you’ll miss out on those exclusives. Just get what you want, play what you want, have fun with what you want.

                                                            I own all systems. So I’m good. PS4 = My main current gen system (multiplatform and exclusives). PC = For PC exclusives and Steam sales (oh, they’re so great). Xbox One = Exclusives. Wii U = Exclusives. Vita = Exclusives. 3DS = Exclusives.

                                                            I’m not missing out. :D

                                                        2. Let’s be honest, in this day and age, sales mean nothing when compared to the quality of a console. It has to do with how well that they grasped their fans and kept them coming for more, and having new fans be brought in by interesting exclusive IP’s or happening to pick a console up because a 3rd party game you wanted was also available on it. However, despite the fact that the Wii U has multitudes of creative IP’s and games, it just doesn’t grasp a new fan base as far as I can see. The Wii was so successful because it brought in unsuspecting new fans into a whole Nintendo universe of games, which the DS and (to a lesser extent) 3DS accomplished too. With the Wii U, however, Nintendo failed to aggressively market it at launch (and had no exciting new games at launch that were able to grasp new fans or even existing fans), and I’d go as far to say that 90% of the Wii U’s current fanbase is the same dwindling fanbase as the GameCube (of course subtracting those who moved onto different consoles/PC) and the smaller amount of new fans. Nintendo needs to truly step up their game with the NX, and have a true system seller at launch.

                                                          1. I’m afraid there is nothing those casual morons at Nintendo can do to save their asses again..never again. NX being for kids and not on par with PS4 the least? It’s already fucked before it even starts.

                                                            1. You’re basing the Power from Rumors. I say, wait until Nintendo offically shows off the NX, before making claims. And before you make the ridiculous claim, that I am going to buy the NX regardless, then I say this…I personally, won’t be picking the NX up for quite a while, because I need to put all of my focus on University, for the next 4 Years. That goes for any an all consoles, from here on.

                                                                      1. And watch when I’m right that they’re still fucking you over with lies for supporting “hardcore and 3rd parties” when it’s just them kissing casual fuck’s ass like usual.

                                                                        1. I’m just wondering why they cancelled the Dreamcast so quickly! Hell, almost 11 million units sold in just over one year is not bad! That’s better than the Wii U did, and the GameCube for that matter.

                                                                          Sega did not realize they had a masterpiece with the Dreamcast and gave up too soon. Maybe the failure of all those other console left them broke….

                                                                            1. Also, they announced the Dreamcast just months after the Saturn was out. (I think that was the one before it) And EA refused to release their sports games on it because of some dispute.

                                                                            2. Easy answer: they didn’t have the money to keep going. No company can stay afloat after releasing 4 consoles (plus add-ons) on top of each other in the short span of 10 years.

                                                                            3. Even though I have more respect for SEGA now than I did in the past (and even collect Genesis games), I’m surprised that the Dreamcast even sold THAT many units. I considered SEGA failures in the console business ever since the Genesis/Mega Drive. Then again, I was a Nintendo fanboy, and I thought of SEGA as asses. LOL!

                                                                            4. Let get one thing straight Wiiu has the best exclusives this generation that is what kept it alive and boosted hardware sales without third party support, which i would say has sold well, think of this if Sony, Microsoft can never succeed with exclusives there sales are from third party support.

                                                                              Look how Nintendo achieved the sales it’s amazing, this makes the Wiu best console for have best exclusives and making sales just from those, Sega could not do that in a million years, NX will be a different story, why third party support requires powerful consoles to make their games that’s where the NX comes.

                                                                              Wiiu can never do that, it wasn’t powerful enough to produce them games.

                                                                            5. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                                                              *slow clap* Congratulations for being just slightly better than Dreamcast, Wii U. Doesn’t change the fact you guys are getting your asses kicked. Maybe this sucker will pull a PS3 & make the last few years extraordinary by catching up to the competitions’ sales numbers by the skin of their teeth. I won’t hold my breath, though, because if I’ve learned anything from Nintendo this gen is that too much faith in them is either for suckers or people that are just way to freaking easy to please.

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