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Microsoft Doesn’t Know How It Will Compete With The NX

Nintendo has a history of setting gaming trends. The motion controls of the Wii undoubtedly inspired the PlayStation Move and Kinect, and the Xbox’s SmartGlass feature was a blatant reaction to the Wii U GamePad. But what are the other big companies planning on doing about Nintendo’s NX?

Gamesbeat recently sat down to chat with Aaron Greenberg, the head of marketing for Xbox. In addition to discussing the company’s process for creating bundles and their holiday sales plans, Gamesbeat asked Greenberg what the mid-cycle launch of the NX could mean for Microsoft. His response was:

“I’m not sure what Nintendo’s doing. I hear the same rumors and stuff that you do. I guess we’ll react to that when we know more. Nintendo’s always been innovative. They’ve always differentiated in their own way. They’ve always danced to their own tune, if you will. It wouldn’t surprise me if they do their own thing when the time is right. What they’ve done is unique and different. How they’ll compete with us remains to be seen.”

It’s nice to hear the competition praise Nintendo for it’s innovation, but the fact that they don’t have a strategy planned could mean another copy-cat peripheral from Microsoft.


104 thoughts on “Microsoft Doesn’t Know How It Will Compete With The NX”

      1. lol and Nintendo dues it right back. and besides Nintendo has a long way to catch up to Xbox one and PS4 in terms of what modern players want, OS, apps, software features, cloud (streaming, online gaming, graphics, saves) not to mention power, a better classic controller. lol dont even worry about Xbox responding to Nintendo when its Nintendo that needs to catch up to Xbox one and PS4. (I love my Wii U but its still behind)

        1. I know. I’m not being a fanboy or anything, I’m just saying that companies always do a similar concepts after Nin does it.
          I Agree on them needing to catch up. They want to bring such futuristic concepts but ironically, they cant stop living in the past.

          1. Living in the past is making Nintendo bring things to the table people might like. Like couch multiplayer and the like. With dread I have to look at how games on PS4 and Xbox One are phasing out couch multiplayer in favor of online-only modes. Not all games, by all means, of course. But the list has been growing. From the top of my head I honestly can’t list a game that doesn’t have local multiplayer (if you want to count Splatoon’s kind of crappy local multiplayer).

            Also I think with their often completely anonymous on-line Nintendo serves one role good: Giving children (Nintendo is still very family-centric) on-line multiplayer. The no-communication is actually faciliating a no-creeps zone. This is not a “living in the past” thing IMHO, though. The past was fully open when it comes to online lobby-matchmaking.

            1. There are few Microtransactions in Destiny. In fact, emotes are the only ones I saw in the game.

              Destiny is amazing, and Nintendo could only wish it was on a Nintendo platform.

              But I agree about paying for online gaming, thats bullshit.

              1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                What? I thought you said it was a disappointment before. I’m guessing you changed your mind after playing some more.

                1. better online, achievements, voice chat, friends list, account system (the Wii U lets only one player log in at a time) by the way Xbox live is not just paying for online, its also cloud saves, it goes to the OS team for system updates and new features, and with the new BIG update coming to Xbox One it mean 4 free games a month on the Xbox one. also better support for apps would be nice, a focus on OS updates a few times a year (and not just stability or security) a subscription version of virtual console. the ability to stream music to the system (playing halo or Forza with your own music way better then listening to the same sound track over and over each time I play, would be nice to have for Mario kart, or smash brothers)
                  a new version of Nintendo TV as multiplatform app.
                  cross platform buy (buy a game once you get all versions across devices)
                  cloud saves across devices
                  cloud play (allows you or your friend to play a part of the game for them over the internet. (Sony and Microsoft already have this)
                  cloud rendering (not so important with local play but what Microsoft is doing with crackdown using cloud graphics is amazing fully destructible environments but also it prevents lag.
                  fast boot (Xbox one lets you shut down the system but it stays in a low power mode so you can turn it back on and start where you left off rather then having to reload the game.
                  and many many many other features Nintendo could not only catch up on, BUT could make different in their own Nintendo way.
                  BUT it sounds like they are actively playing catch up as it seems they have bin poaching employees from apple, google and Microsoft to build the NX OS and work with AMD to produce better X86 hardware.

                2. They really don’t have a long way to catch up to Ps4 and Microsoft, on any front. They are less than a generation behind, and the NX will more than likely eclipse both consoles in all areas, including OS, Apps, Streaming games, etc. etc. Pretty soon we will be saying Sony and Microsoft need to catch up to the NX…. Hopefully… Lol

                  1. Lol probably not in terms of OS as not only has Microsoft had 3 aggressive generations of OS expansion, but they make windows lol. Not to mention the Xbox One is getting a Huge update which includes windows 10 integration which well boost the OS speed and lower power consumption of the device, but also give it support for the latest version of direct X which well let games have almost double the graphics performance with less stress on the GPU. Sooooo probably not their. But still I think the NX well end up being a great system(s)

                  2. Modern gamers want an OS??? Wii U has an OS, all console’s have an OS, Gamers want games to play they give no fucks about a systems OS, unless your a dev that has no effect on the gamer you idiot. Apps….you casual. This is a game console, not a fucking smartphone, Software Features? Meaning what? Thought you meant Party Chat, but that would be a Hardware feature. Cloud, bitch please, the MINORITY are the ones who like cloud, I’ll never support it. Not everyone has the best Internet anyway. Graphics….bitch please shut the fuck up. Wii U has “Dem Graphics”, saves? Not sure what you mean by that. And “Power” same as “Graphics” it’s there.

                    1. what a bunch of excuses of course I buy a gaming system for games, or I would have just stuck with a PC, BUT if I’m paying a couple hundred dollars for a system these days it should have the ability to do more. NO not all systems have a OS the Wii U was 3DS was the first. so far they have only run firmware. party chat is still part of the OS, which by the way is responsible for anything the system dues such as miivers, browser, apps, switching games, internet connection exe. that’s like arguing why you shouldn’t have a Netflix account, it has nothing to do with Netflix being a good product your just saying it might not be accessible to you. lol you seem very ignorant of what the cloud is so wont even bother. lol if you dont have the internet or a good connection then dont use those features or dont buy the system. “dem graphics” I dont think I said that.
                      power is NOT the same as graphics, CPU dues processing for the whole device (central processing unit) GPU is responsible for graphics (graphical processing unit) also RAM and DDRAM also change what “power” means. so no, power dues not mean the same as graphics. not to mention the OS can also be responsible for how efficient the games and the engines run. also you dont have to support anything a company dues that’s why we have a free market go buy another product or dont use those features

                    2. Just two things to note here:
                      1: Wii U already has one of the best “classic controllers” ever made.
                      2: The “classic controller” was 100% created by Nintendo and copied by the others….
                      The shoulder buttons, the Start and Select buttons, the trigger buttons, the diamond shaped 4 face buttons, the revival of the analog stick, the freaking Directional Pad…. it’s ALL NINTENDO.
                      Even rumble is freaking Nintendo.
                      So yeah, thanks them for the “classic controllers” that became standard 20 years ago.

                      1. I well say that the classic controller they have now “pro controller” silly name as its contradictive to what they were doing with the gamepad. yes its much better, BUT its missing new modern features like customization, analog triggers (come on even the GameCube had analog) it dues not charge with USB (not to mention everything is moving to USB C)
                        it could also stand to gain from better sticks, and at least duel rumble (touch pad, and motion would be nice too, just gives developers more options to make games more detailed)
                        the “classic” controller is a copy of PC controllers that were out way before Nintendo ever launched the NES
                        rumble also was a PC feature way before the SNES
                        none the less the current “pro” controller is still behind what the PS4 and Xbox one have as far as features for a basic controller. lol stop being so defensive. lol Nintendo well do what ever they do. good or bad. why apologize or make excuses. every system has its good and bad

                        1. I won’t deny, the Pro Controller lack some modern features, but if modern features are what matter, so the Gamepad is far ahead any other controller on the market, for real.
                          Now if you are really talking about “classic controllers”, then a simple search will show that it is unanimous, almost everybody praises the Pro Controller and many say it is even better than what PS4 and Xone offer….
                          Ergometry, battery life, weight, many stuff make many people think it is the best controller of the generation….
                          And a PC controller before 1983 that was at least similar to the SNES controller? You sure? Give me a link to it with proof of its launch date, please, I couldn’t find any.

                          1. lol “if modern features are what matter” your right we should just go back to 2 buttons and just a cross pad you kids and your “modernization” lol what. many say its better then the ps4…sure almost anything is better then a Sony product. but lol literally Nintendo copied the 360 controllers award winning shape. as far as battery life they are about the same nether are heavy but both are lighter then the gamepad so that’s all relative. its not like I’m holding it above my head while I play any ways. we can argue semantics all day. but that’s still missing the point duel rumble is now standard, customizable controls are now standard, analog triggers are now standard. internal processing of the controller is now standard (this would really help the Wii remote if they came out with a 3.0 version)

                            1. also if we look at the NES to even the pro controller the “classic” controller is not the same 20 years later, at this point it should be called the “basic” controller as its the less complex controller (again why it shouldn’t be called “pro”) but even the current pro controller is behind what other basic controllers have set as standard. sure its a step up from the wii classic controller but its even missing things from the gamecube

                              1. No, not the NES, the original “classic controller” is the SNES controller…. from where Sega, Sony and Microsoft copied to make almost everything that their own controllers have.

                              2. Ok, so we all agree that the Gamepad is the best controller ever created. Good.
                                Unless you do want to go back to two buttons….
                                If you don’t, them stay with the Gamepad.

                            2. They can’t. How could they even compete the damn PC without making a cheap ass front with BS fees? Not to mention they never beat any competition in any console war so far plus they’re fucked after Xbox One DRM nonsense.

                              1. You ain’t playing Destiny or Bloodbourne on your PC. Arkham Knight was a travesty on PC.

                                PC gaming is getting bad. It has become so easy to develop games now for Ps4 and Xbox One, that either PC doesn’t get the game at all, or its just getting sloppy ports. I feel sorry for PC only gamers. They are missing out.

                                1. That’s because 1. They’re deliberately making it look bad to jump on consoles for extra bucks and 2. It’s never easy to design video games and by the looks of this generation, everything good about gaming is so fucked up. The consoles are nothing more than PC try hards selling out of hype that ONLY has games made BY PCs AND FOR PCs. So WHAT THE FUCK are you talking about?

                                2. with windows 10 it wont be that bad, the Xbox one (with its next update) well run windows 10 the way Microsoft has its W10 SDK made you can easily make a game once then basically port it to phones/Xbox/PC all at once (clearly not all games well run on a phone) for example the new fable well be one of the first games that do this. so you can buy the game once and then play it on Xbox or PC, also you can play online with both devices (PC gamers can play online with xbox one players)

                                3. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                                  I don’t get what you’re talking about. Nothing is wrong with PC gaming. Most ports now are fine. It only gets bad ports from developers like Ubisoft and other companies that don’t put much effort into it. MGSV, The Witcher 3, and Mad Max for example are great ports. Arkham Knight was a travesty indeed, but that was the developer’s fault. Anyways, what exactly are PC gamers missing out on? Don’t they have the most to play anyways? Lol.

                                4. yes how could the Microsoft Xbox ever compete with those….Microsoft windows PCs….especially when the Xbox One runs on windows 10? also the 360 was the winner of last generation with the ps3 coming in last. also the DRM crap was from the old boss by the time the Xbox one launched all that was old news and has bin for 2 years now

                                  1. Then Xbox is and always was ultimately pointless if the PC does everything else without the BS fees. Correction, Wii was the winner of last gen and PS3 did catch up and beat its sales plus it’s still selling now. Yes, DRM is still alive you fool.

                                        1. $60 for FREE ONLINE play I can get else where and over “free” games that not only require an active BS Live to be active to play (aka DRM), you can also get those same games for dirt cheap prices of at least $5-10 each; looking at a half price savings. Not only that, 80% figurably speaking already owned those same games years ago while having minimum chances of being played again and some “free” games suck more than most.

                                          Again, $60 for a BS service that’s FREE everywhere else is not worth a few several years old games.

                                          And what fucking new features besides the useless Smartglass, Kinect and fucking TV… what else does Xbox even offer that’s different from PC, Sony and Nintendo plus mobile? NOTHING.

                                          1. well Nintendo has already said that the Wii U well be the last system with free online any ways so what ever. your information on the “free” games is ….wrong to say the least. DRM do you even know what that is? Nintendo requires you to have a Nintendo network ID to go online…DRM for Nintendo then. and its 60$ for a whole year, which means a whole year of 4 “free” games a month meaning 48 free games a year. …and cloud saves and big system updates. I think your missing the point that Xbox one is a gaming PC powered by windows 10. Kinect is also on PC, and “useless smartglass” clearly you have never used this feature so let me explain to you that you saying that is like saying any second screen features are useless. so I guess the 3ds, DS and Wii U gamepad are useless.

                                            1. I tell you right now Microsoft won’t able to go much further from Xboxone already lot of countries the system is not doing so well, mainly PS4 is better, that’s where Nintendo NX needs to do all this, seriously Japanese consoles will lead the console business only this will be Nintendo, Sony just what used to happen in the 90’s when 2 consoles were competing with each other the Sega Megadrive, Super Nintendo this will happen again, There’s no way a US company can go much further he will run out of ideas, it will game over.

                                              1. The day that POS Xbox drops dead forever is when I’ll be the happiest motherfucker on the planet. But still, I’m not going back to Nintendo . Maybe Pokemon because I have a collection and they do their own thing. But fuck Nintendo. If anyone should lead the home console business, it’s Sony; at least until they ditch all of their other failing business departments first and become a primary game/entertainment company.

                                            2. The reason for why they don’t have a sound strategy is because the rumors are pointing at a console/handheld hybrid and Microsoft doesn’t even make games for a dedicated handheld device, let alone have one. I doubt that they would even make one just to compete with the NX. Sony is also already doing their own thing with PS Vita and PS4.

                                              In conclusion, I HIGHLY doubt that any of the other companies are gonna try to attempt to copy Nintendo when NX releases. There really isn’t any incentive this time around.

                                              1. lol dues not have one, you do realize that Microsoft (the makers of windows) make xbox right. like have you ever heard of a laptop or a tablet? no they dont have a specific handheld…I mean I guess they sell phones and laptops and tablets….but maybe they are not “gaming” focused. but then again windows 10 supports cross development of apps and games, cloud saves, the xbox one runs windows 10, you can use a xbox one controller (and a 360 for that matter) on a pc, even Kinect runs on pc…..yep Microsoft dues not have a portable gaming strategy

                                            3. Though this is kind of funny, its seriously a “No shit” moment. Of course they don’t know how they will compete… NO ONE knows about it except Nintendo and maybe some 3rd parties

                                            4. The last sentence was a bit odd considering Sony has copied more from Nintendo than Microsoft has…

                                              Also, there’s no way they could have a plan ready for NX- or even know if they need to come up with a plan to compete with it because there isn’t enough concrete information about the platform out there to react to. Only things we know about NX are rumors and if the latest batch are true then Microsoft and Sony can’t do too much about it until their next console cycles. To launch a more powerful system this early in the life of their already incredibly successful consoles from 2013 would be a weak move that’d probably lose them more money than they would make. Nintendo probably wouldn’t even be talking about new hardware yet if they didn’t need to.

                                            5. i think microsoft will help them on coving the sales on nintendo titles but i have to say i agree with aaron nintendo will focus on the strategy on making bundles and making the NX more accurate and make it to have better motion controls like the Wii i wonder if there profits will be less fortunate on coming up with ideas on nintendo titles in the future.

                                              1. No, it’s right the way it’s written, because if the NX is both home and handheld in one, Microsoft has nothing that can compete with that.
                                                Nor does Sony now that Vita is basically being abandoned.

                                            6. I think if the NX ends up being a powerful gaming system and heavily supported by 3rd parties with a robust online infrastructure, it may be near the end of the road for Microsoft in console gaming. Other than North America and maybe Europe a little bit, the Xbox brand is pretty much irrelevant everywhere else and the only IP they have that has universal appeal is Halo. Although the Japanese gaming market seems to be catering to portable and mobile gaming these days, the PS4 and the Wii U have already sold over 3 million units in total while the Xbox One probably hasn’t even broken 70K yet over there. I could be wrong but if the rumors are true about the NX’s power and if it does get adequately supported by 3rd parties, Microsoft will be in serious trouble and will have to come up with an effective strategy fast

                                                1. I agree with this, but the odds of the NX being a Ps4 or Xbox One styled console is slim to none. The NX will end up being some sort of hybrid to take advantage of the handheld market. It will have unique features and probably not be third party friendly…. Hopefully it will be..

                                                  Everybody, including myself has always believed that if Nintendo would have just simply made a PS3 style Nintendo, or PS4 now, they could have made the other consoles irrelevant. Who would buy a Playstation or Xbox when you could get all the third parties and Nintendo’s first party titles on one console? Nobody would. Nintendo would have dominated the gaming market completely. But I fear the window for that happening has now closed. Nintendo will never make that type of console….. Unfortunately.

                                                  But I still believe the NX will be amazing…

                                              1. “…but the fact that they don’t have a strategy planned could mean another copy-cat peripheral from Microsoft.”
                                                How professional.
                                                Also, how would Microsoft have a strategy planned for something they don’t even know what it is? Nintendo prooobably wouldn’t tell Microsoft about their plans for their next console ahead of an official reveal, now would they? All of that completely regardless of the fact that the guy isn’t wondering how the Xbox will compete with the NX, but rather how the NX will compete with the Xbox, as others have already mentioned.

                                              2. I would like to point out that smartglass way a way for windows 8-10 to connect to Xbox and make that connection work having set up. it was just coincidence that the Wii U had a gamepad second screen. if anything it was a reaction to the DS as smartglass was in the works much before the Wii U was even rumored. the Vita on the other hand may have bin wii U inspired to work as a second screen/ off TV play

                                                1. Actually, Sony had been playing around with Remote Play/off-TV play on PSP + PS3 already, so way before the WiiU was even revealed. It really wasn’t working very well, but the concept was there as an accessible feature, long before the WiiU; you could call Remote Play between the Vita + PS4 an improved version of what was possible with the PSP + PS3, I guess.

                                                  1. Didn’t nintendo have that same kinda idea with the gba, and the gamecube. but they didn’t do much with it if i recall

                                                    1. Yeah, I remember Animal Crossing on GC used the GBA to allow you to travel to an island where you could make a little vacation house that had its own custom flag and stuff.

                                                      That’s all I remember the whole GBA to GC connection thing being used for, though.

                                                      1. You could also unlock the fusion suit in Prime by connecting a GBA with a Metroid Fusion cartridge, and I’m sure the Pokémon games used similar functions too. Same as the N64 with Stadium and the like.

                                                        In fact, we’ve had interconnectivity between the portable and the home console since at least the Super Game Boy.

                                                          1. The Dreamcast was out years before the GBA, DS, and Gamecube.

                                                            Sega were the first to introduce this into the gaming console world, with the Dreamcast’s VMU. It is was more in line with Remote Play than the gamepad, due to the fact unlike the gamepad but also like the gamepad, the VMU could work in tandem with Dreamcast games while connected, and even while being disconnected from the console.

                                                            They used it for a lot of games, too.


                                                            To me, the gamepad is a cheaper version of both of those ideas, as it doesn’t have an advantage over the VMU or Remote Play with its limited feature set. It lacks what either of those offered, the ability to not be tethered down to the console and both can do almost identical things as the Wii U’s gamepad does with more playability options. Obviously the VMU is dated now, but the fact still stands Sega implemented it better than Sony and Nintendo did with the Dreamcast, long before any of their second screen attempts. Sony and Nintendo have only improved upon what the Dreamcast already did in that regard, as well as many other aspects of the Dreamcast.

                                                            Although, it wasn’t like you could not do this on computers with multiple monitors before any of these console gaming systems, but Sega were the first to add it to console gaming.

                                                            Even today, the Dreamcast still has the same features you see in current consoles now. It was way far ahead of its time, and that’s why it is still by far one of my favorite gaming consoles, because of how much it brought to the console gaming world compared to everyone else.

                                                            A real shame how little credit the Dreamcast gets, barely anyone ever mentions how much it truly innovated in the console gaming industry.

                                                            1. The Dreamcast is an amazing console, but it still has its faults. Like for one, the cord coming out of the bottom of the controller is simply horrible.

                                                              I have said for years that Sega gave up too early on the Dreamcast. It sold over ten million units in a year and a half. That’s almost twice as fast as it took the Wii U to reach those numbers…

                                                              1. Of course. Nothing is perfect or ever will be.

                                                                I’m was just talking about how much Sega really did bring to the console gaming era. Sega took an approach no one else had yet in gaming, they wanted to make a system that was fun for everyone, and was even easy for developers to work with, and they achieved all of that in spades. It had a wide variety games for the hardcore and casual, and they were the first to really think about connecting gamers in a different way than everyone else at the time, being that their console was the first to include online gaming.

                                                                The problem was that they were so caught up in this, that they did so much in the Dreamcast, to the point it was cutting into their own profits. It’s interesting to know they didn’t stop production because of the sales necessarily, it was because even though they were selling the Dreamcast at a decent rate, they could not afford the costs of the console, and they were losing money on every console sold, no matter how fast they would’ve sold.

                                                                It was also mainly the fact that Sony had cornered the disc based market, and Sega had to outsource a lot of things that made the cost of their system even heavier on them.

                                                                The nail in the coffin was when price drops started appearing on competitors systems. At that point Sega could not afford to keep up due to the cost of the console, and were forced to throw in the towel. They were hoping software would cover these cost, but it didn’t.

                                                                In way it was them being so innovative that was their downfall, things like adding online to their console really cost them a lot as well.

                                                                I too, wish they hadn’t gave up. I mean if they could think of that much back in 1990’s, just imagine how crazy the Dreamcast 2 would have been? It was just an unfortunate mix of situations that they had no other choice. It was either go third party, or run the company into the ground.

                                                                And maybe if they had pushed on, it might have payed off, but the same could be said in that it may not have, and Sega might not even be around at all anymore. It wasn’t a risk they were willing to take, and I can’t blame them with juggernaut of PS2 sales at the time, but it definitely sucks to see the former shell of such a great company.

                                                              2. N64 already had connectivity with Game Boy Color, so no.
                                                                Also, Wii U has nothing to do with any of that anyway, Wii U was obviously inspired on the Nintendo Dual Screen from the beginning…. I don’t know why you people are comparing it to any of those other stuff at all.

                                                                1. Umm, yes. And I’ll explain why as usual, in great detail.

                                                                  You’re talking about the transfer pack, you know how that works, right?

                                                                  It’s cartridge based, it doesn’t work in the way these other devices do or even Nintendo’s newer dual screen devices. It did not even offer dual screen capabilities, which is what we were all talking about. It worked on a console basis for the most part and it was an accessory, you had to use your Game Boy cartridges in the transfer pack to gain this access.

                                                                  That is nothing like the hardware to hardware connection you see with the VMU to Dreamcast, PSP to PS3, and the PS Vita to PS4.

                                                                  For games like Pokemon Stadium and Mario Golf, it wasn’t like what could be done on the Dreamcast or the PS3/PS4. All you were doing was plugging your Game Boy cartridges into the N64 with the transfer pack and transferring data, hence the name “Transfer Pack.” All it did was transfer data, not much else. Most it could do was transfer characters from Mario Golf or you could play Pokemon on the N64 instead, by using your Game Boy cartridge in the transfer pack.

                                                                  And yes, you could do this with the N64 DD, but the problem with your statement is that the N64 DD peripheral didn’t come out until a year after the Dreamcast. So that kind of defeats your whole point.

                                                                  So again, Sega were the first to introduce this into the game console world. Unlike what Nintendo had offered with the transfer pack, the VMU did not work at all in the same manner.

                                                                  And if you had fully read my comment, which I’m assuming you did not. You would have seen I credited PC for all of this, dual screen monitors existed in PC gaming long before any of these consoles, you could use dual monitors in games like Doom which predate anything Nintendo, Sega, Sony or Microsoft had done gaming wise in relation. So any idea using this type of stuff generally came from a PC.

                                                                  PC gaming goes back as far as the 1940’s. So it isn’t surprising.

                                                                  I was just giving credit to Sega for being the first people to implement it into console gaming. In a way that worked much better and completely differently than anything Nintendo had done yet.

                                                                  Nintendo tried but it wasn’t even on the same playing field, Sega did it better and in a different way compared to how Nintendo went about it with the N64. And more importantly, Nintendo’s idea of it never happened with the N64 DD, and like I also said, even if Nintendo did release what they planned, if the N64 DD had been successful, it still would have came out after the Dreamcast and the VMU.

                                                                  So it wouldn’t change anything today, or any of the claims I’ve made.

                                                                  And the reason for the comparison is simple, everything comes from something. And if you think every single idea a company comes up with is completely original or based only on their own ideas, that’s just crazy.

                                                                2. Windows wasn’t necessary for Smart Glass at all. The concept was to be able to see things like maps and menus on your Smart Glass compatible device. It was clearly a response to the Game Pad. Windows has games that use XBOX Live but don’t actually require an XBOX to use, you only need a LIVE account. So yes, it was a direct response and was announced after the Game Pad’s reveal. Sony had already done off-screen play on PSP, which was of course out before even the Wii. The Wii U certainly has better and more stable off screen play but it was already a thought up idea.

                                                              3. Nintendo has gotta get away from being so “gimmick heavy” & get back to traditional gaming. The Wii was cool & the Wii U is nice…but all we truly need are controllers & a high powered system.
                                                                As far as catching Sony or M$ goes my advice to Nintendo is “don’t even bother!” Just set goals/ milestones that you can reach. Not to mention KILLER SOFTWARE!! Which shouldn’t be a problem seeing how the Wii U has some of the best exclusives.

                                                                But If they are gonna do something different yet again….. I put money on Nintendo going VIRTUAL REALITY.

                                                              4. Title: “Microsoft Doesn’t Know How It Will Compete With The NX”

                                                                Last sentence in the quote reads, “How they’ll compete with us remains to be seen.”

                                                                Say word?


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                                                              6. Blatant reaction? copy-cat peripheral from Microsoft? I get that this is a Nintendo blog, but must the authors of these posts use such negative wording towards Nintendo’s competition?

                                                                  1. Crap from who? Maybe there’s an excess vitriol in the comments, but other similar blogs don’t use that kind of negativity towards their competition. You do make a good point though, it’s not often that such poor writing can be found on this blog.

                                                                1. In worst case, MS and Sony panics and cuts generation short.
                                                                  I don’t really care for either, but they would make a lot of console fanboys mad.
                                                                  They might try and enforce third parties to support their last gen consoles, making it 4 different platforms in need of optimization if we do not count PC and Nintendo.
                                                                  That could break many third party studios that barely has the ability to develop for 2 consoles.
                                                                  It would lead to more crappy ports with “best” version going to who pays the most, and that could very well mean the last console for one of the big three.

                                                                  But most probably it will be media and console fanboys defending their favorite consoles to justify their purchase, so that NX has no chance, maybe selling 5 million year one.
                                                                  NX could be twice the “power” of PS4, media, third party studios and console fanboys would still go to lengths to defend their under powered wannabe PC’s with lies and excuses.

                                                                  1. Sony & M$ would never cut the generation short for “Whatever Nintendo is doing”.
                                                                    Because I put money on Nintendo NOT TAKING THINGS TO THE LEVEL OF WHERE M$ & SONY HAS!

                                                                    1. Sorry, I do not speak fanboy, but I’ll try to decipher what you are trying to say.

                                                                      Sony and MS did not come out with consoles that had dated components right out of the gate and will never release their next consoles until 2019-2020, because you say so?
                                                                      I’m not really sure what is “the level” you speak of, but as long as Nintendo does not money hat games, they will never have even half of the third parties backing them up.

                                                                      1. You make it sound like the generation is almost at it’s end, when PS4 and xbone has not been out even half of their expected life time.
                                                                        Consoles this generation were dated right out of the gate.
                                                                        Miracles are required for them to “muscle” to close to PS360 life time.

                                                                        Though it does not really matter, as long as Nintendo does not money hat games, they really have nothing to worry about.
                                                                        Third party support will never be on par.
                                                                        Not that I care, most of those third party games I can buy on PC, when their prices drops to match the product.

                                                                        1. “Consoles this generation were dated right out of the gate.”
                                                                          That’s why I used the expression “muscle through”.

                                                                          “Third party support will never be on par.
                                                                          Not that I care, most of those third party games I can buy on PC”
                                                                          Why not ask for exclusive third-party titles? It’s always the best case scenario, many turn out great.

                                                                          1. Like the Sonic games?
                                                                            Bayonetta 2 was excellent. But most of the third party deals Nintendo had fell short.
                                                                            Money hatting is expensive, and sadly only the one on the top can afford to do it.
                                                                            MS has stopped it according to xbox boss. But if they had the upper hand on Sony, MS would all on top of that bitch.

                                                                            1. I like how you were accurate and said “most” games you can buy on the PC. Honestly, PC’s have not been a good gaming experience in the last two years. They either get a shoddy port of a game, or don’t get the game at all. Destiny and Bloodbourne are two good examples. And Arkham Knight is an example of a shoddy port, although I could name a dozen other shoddy ports.

                                                                              I wouldn’t praise PC gaming too much right now. It’s not a good time to be a PC gamer if you do not own a Ps4 or Xbox One. Bloodbourne and Destiny are two of my favorite games of 2015, (Destiny after Taken King DLC) and PC owners get neither one.

                                                                              1. And as I’ve said (not sure if in this thread, too lazy to check), I can buy those PC ports when they’re fixed and include the whole game later for a lot cheaper.
                                                                                There are actually good games to play on PC while you wait for that.
                                                                                Not going to argue over games that I have not played, but what I know of bloodborne, its like souls games, but not as good. And destiny overall is just meh.

                                                                                Despite of being a disappointing game, arkham knight ran well enough on my PC, even before the fixes.

                                                                                Do you know anything about gaming PC’s or PC games? Or you going just by what you read on the internet?
                                                                                Because I would not call shoddy ports of mediocre games a highlight either.

                                                                                This whole generation has been nothing to be proud of. Most games being “definitive editions” and remasters of remasters.

                                                                            2. Did Nintendo plan to purposely do this? To release a “dummy system” (The Wii U) in order to get Sony & M$ to put out their systems. & when the competition is off & selling good they can now focus on their real baby…The NX.
                                                                              In the Wii generation we saw Nintendo unveil motion controls only to see M$ & Sony make copycats. Perhaps Nintendo thinks this time around it’s so far into the game it’ll be too late to make a high end copy of what were doing.

                                                                              Just a thought guys.

                                                                              1. The fact that they tried to capitalize on the Wii userbase with the Wii U is undeniable. I do think they were convinced that it’d be a massive success. They just decided to cut the generation a bit shorter and start leaking details about what’s next to damage control the situation.

                                                                              2. “In the Wii generation we saw Nintendo unveil motion controls only to see M$ & Sony make copycats.”

                                                                                Other way around. Sony was working on the Move from 1999. Tech demos for what eventually became the Move were being shown from 2000. Long before the Wii was even rumored as the Revolution and unveiled in 2005.

                                                                                Kinect is motion controlled but really nothing like the Wii as it’s completely controller free. It was more like the PlayStation EyeToy (again, long before the Wii – even available to the public) just a lot more advanced.

                                                                                Nintendo just succeeded in getting the motion controller to the market before PlayStation. No doubt when Sony saw Nintendo’s success, they may have sped up the process a little more so they could release their controller but that didn’t happen until 2010; Years after the Wii came out. So it’s not like they were scrambling to compete.

                                                                                  1. I do see your point PS3 has been for long time, we need to see present what happening now not the past, right now PS4 and Wiiu as home console are selling the best in Japan so only two consoles are dominating there right now other ones are under these which are Xboxone, PS3, Xbox360, and of course Wii.

                                                                                    You need to succeed in Japanese market in order to be successful, if a console fail there there is no chance of winning and this happened in few consoles before.

                                                                                    NX is powerful system won’t win with this it needs good Nintendo franchises, 3rd party support and should have slots for playing nes, snes, gba, ds, n64 and should have cd drive to play gamecube, wii, wiiu these will make huge success if it does it all but no Nintendo removes optical drive.

                                                                                1. This article is so misleading. They aren’t saying that they don’t know what they will do. They are saying that they don’t know what nintendo will do, and they don’t know how nintendo is going to be competing with them.

                                                                                2. I agree with you Japanese market for xboxone is weak with very units sold PS4 and Wiiu are dominating the market there, people say Wiiu is not doing well it beats PS3, xboxone which is incredible, I tell you right now it’s over for Microsoft as it sells well only in us than other countries, I knew this from the start American company can’t last to the end then it will be Sony turn next the company is doing well right now eventually it will go down in the future only Nintendo will be system on the market it’s original and has innovative other two are just copy cats, Only gaming company can understand more about games.
                                                                                  Original will win, look below:

                                                                                  Sony a electronic company
                                                                                  Microsoft software developer and PC manufacture
                                                                                  Nintendo gaming company

                                                                                  1. “people say Wiiu is not doing well it beats PS3”

                                                                                    A 3 years old system is outselling a system that is 9 years old and already has a replacement. If that’s your measure for success, you have a bit of reevaluating to do.

                                                                                3. I tell you right now Microsoft won’t able to go much further from Xboxone already lot of countries the system is not doing so well, mainly PS4 is better, that’s where Nintendo NX needs to do all this, seriously Japanese consoles will lead the console business only this will be Nintendo, Sony just what used to happen in the 90’s when 2 consoles were competing with each other the Sega Megadrive, Super Nintendo this will happen again, There’s no way a US company can go much further he will run out of ideas, it will game over.

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