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Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Review

Aiming to revitalise classic horror with intuitive GamePad controls, Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water hits a perfect shot with the Camera Obscura. But sadly, the genuinely eerie atmosphere just falls flat with a bland storyline, repetitive mechanics and rigid gameplay.

From Koei Tecmo and Nintendo’s SPD team comes the fifth instalment in the Project Zero series – or Fatal Frame as it’s known more widely in the US. Having released for Japan in 2014, western audiences can now feel the shivers of dread coupled with spine-tingling excitement from the game’s co-creator Makoto Shibata and series’ producer Keisuke Kikuchi. Playing as both Yuri and Ren, Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water sets the scene for horror lovers on the fictional Mount. Hikami; infamous for its plethora of suicides and spiritual entities. In recent years, the once peaceful Shrine Maidens have become malevolent and attack those who try to unearth the mountain’s secrets, leading women and men to a gruesome death. Tasked with freeing one shrine maiden, players must guide Yuri through the misty black water and bring tranquillity back to Mount. Hikami.

Consisting of 13 chapters, Maiden of Black Water takes place in numerous locations such as a haunted house, the terrifying Shrine of Dolls, a cable car station and the mountain itself. Featuring both easy and normal modes, players can either be ranked on their overall performance in each episode – including items found, ghosts photographed and defeated – or choose to take the game at their own pace. Fans of the franchise will recognise the return of classic tropes and small references to previous titles scattered throughout the episodes – a neat touch from the developers.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water is genuinely horrifying in its opening chapters and, unfortunately, seems to peak far too early. With no way of defending yourself against the Shrine Maidens in the prologue, you’ll have to outrun them down tight, claustrophobic corridors in dank, wet surroundings. But with such a strong opening and starting chapters, the game seems to lose its way rather quickly and begins a dire, repetitive cycle featuring the same clichés that become far too familiar to feel truly terrifying. In particular, the “find the friend and capture the ghost” story mechanic is used frequently, becoming a warped joke in itself, while you’ll find leftover notes and journals that give you the same background information but with a slight change of perspective. Beginning as a promising story, it only falls dismally back into the black water it emerged from, leaving fans more than a little short-changed.


Feel completely immersed in Maiden of Black Water with intuitive GamePad Camera Obscura controls.

However, story aside, the game’s main mechanic relies solely on using the Wii U GamePad as the Camera Obscura – and it’s a complete breath of fresh air. Arguably the most enjoyable part of the game, players can defend against the malevolent ghosts by snapping photographs of them with their trusty camera. Using the left trigger to lock on and the gyroscope – or the dual analog sticks – to find ghosts, you can snap them with the right trigger at just the correct moment to bag a Fatal Frame or Shutter Chance shot. Not only does it feel authentic and breaks the fourth wall of horror gameplay, but it’s also easy to use for new players and gives you a real sense of the foreboding. Stripping away the ability to hide, it’s a fantastic use of the Wii U GamePad, leaving it as more than a secondary map option.

Playing as both Ren and Yuri, players will be able to upgrade the Camera Obscura based on what lenses they find and through points rewarded from ghost encounters. Pick up the best scores from Fatal Frame, Shutter Chance, and exploration shots of spectral entities and you’ll be able to upgrade the camera’s loader, sensor, and output fairly quickly. Plenty of film types can be found throughout the game’s episodes, though you’ll also have an unlimited stash of basic film if battles take a turn for the worse. Although defeating ghosts is your main aim, franchise fans will also be able to use the Camera Obscura to uncover phantom objects. Locking on to the target and rotating the GamePad until the red marker alerts you is yet another great use of the intuitive control scheme.


Creepy Japanese dolls. Man, screw this, I’m outta here!

At times, Maiden of Black Water’s graphics are wonderfully creepy and fascinating to explore. Cutscenes are gritty and feel just as sordid as the Blair Witch Project, giving them a delightfully eerie feel with interesting music and sound effects. Aside from the Shrine of Dolls – which is a particular highlight of the game – and the beautiful black water, textures appear flat and lifeless. There are moments when it’s difficult to tell the difference between where a corridor ends and a door begins, while tree branches and leaves lie motionless as chunks of rotting texture. Dreary, dull graphics that are lacklustre to explore. Yet in stark comparison, character costumes are detailed, and fervently so when they are dripping head to toe from the black water.

Despite its eerie tone, character movement within Maiden of Black Water is clunky and awkward. Destroying most of the tension built, simply walking and running with your character is stiff and frustrating. If you’re one for exploration, most of your play time will be spent picking up medicine, film and journals with an excruciatingly slow cutscene and hand grabbing movements. And simply running feels like a limp jog rather than a good sprint. Even when the playable character opens a door, it’s horribly slow and leaves you with a sense of eye-rolling dread rather than terror. Unnecessarily drawn out sequences such as these lengthen the game considerably and, with no pay-off, it’s inexplicably futile.


Meet Yomi. Her minions are powerful malevolent spirits sent to destroy and frustrate you, in equal measure.

In the early stages of the game, battles with Maiden of Black Water’s ghosts are likely to take you to the edge of your seat. But defeating the same ghosts repeatedly quickly becomes monotonous. As you progress through the game, players will come across the Shrine Maidens. Of course, it’s intensely fun battling five simultaneously in the first instance. Yet you’ll encounter these shrieking ghouls so consistently, especially in tight corridors with no hope of escaping without injury, it becomes utterly tedious. The sense of evil and frightening appeal the game once had is entirely snuffed out by constant battling and backtracking with the same spirits. There’s a real lack of variation here and it’s detrimental to gameplay.

Unless you’re a die-hard series fan, Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water isn’t likely to crack you into a cold sweat. The Wii U’s GamePad integration works beautifully with the Camera Obscura, but sadly the game drowns with a poor storyline, sluggish AI and monotonous chapters before it really has a chance to swim to the surface. Lacking focus and development, perhaps it’s best to blink and miss.

5.5 / 10

36 thoughts on “Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Review”

  1. Good review. I personally would give it about a 6.5 simply because of how wonderful the atmosphere was. But 5.5 is fair. It seemed like for the entire game, this game was on the brink of being something amazing, but either the developers didn’t have the budget, or the knowledge to make it so.

    1. I agree completely with your comment, the review, and Colette’s comment below. :/
      A shame too, because this really was on my top list.
      I’m enjoying it…but I admit, there are times the clunky controls aren’t worth the effort, and the story… I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s really lacking.

  2. Wow… so Fatal Frame finally makes it to the United States and it’s a pretty terrible game.

    Is that disappointing or what?

      1. Because we wanted more than Yoshi, Mario and other kiddie franchises on a system Nintendo promised would provide for it’s adult and hardcore audience…

        Turns out Bayonetta 2 and hopefully X was all they had. They dangled those carrots at launch, and those were the only carrots they had. :/

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          “How can we sucker some of our hardcore fans back? Oh I know! Let’s dangle Bayonetta, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Assassin’s Creed III from Ubisoft, Mass Effect 3 from EA, etc in their faces to lure those suckers back!”

          1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

            “Oh & let’s not forget Ninja Gaiden 3, but uncensored with all the blood & gore intact, from Koei Tecmo! We can subtitle it Razor’s Edge!”

  3. I give it a 10/10 its absolutely not unlike any other horror game out there I would like to point that not many horror games do ghosts and they usually do zombies the stiffness is so that the player feels like the player is there same thing goes with the games mechanics, if you see a ghost you will not hold a camera perfectly well or would you lol. other wise it would be a fake experience.

        1. IKR? It got me to go back and play the fatal frame on my 3DS tho.

          Seems there’s a distinctively split audience here. At least there is a demo. People can play the demo, and if they basically want to rinse/repeat for 10 more levels, they can cash out $50.

  4. First of all this game is never was good only atmosphere is the best part, this game should of never released on Wiiu, if you look all the new games released by Tecmo haven’t been good on other consoles.

  5. I feel like this is Devils Third again, people say it’s shit, but the fact is if this game franchise isn’t for you THEN COURSE YOU WONT LIKE IT. It was geared to it’s fanbase and them alone. From what I’ve seen and heard it finally goes back to what made it good. People shouldn’t be reviewing a game when that franchise isn’t what they normally enjoy.

    1. I love horror games. And I love the Fatal Frame series, but sadly it just didn’t quite do it for me.

      The GamePad integration was fab and really ramped up the atmosphere. It’s not a bad game in any respects, it’s just average. A 5.5 shouldn’t be seen as a non-playable game, so do give it a shot if you enjoy the series. But as I said, unless you’re really a die hard fan, you aren’t going to get the same enjoyment out of it.

      Thanks for reading our review. :)

    2. Totally agree with you bro. I am a big fan of the series. I finished it and started it again. I simply LOVE IT. This one is better than ALL the others in my opinion.

      The slow movements is in ALL versions. That’s how the game is!!!! Damn. The story is not blockbuster. But it was still interesting to follow up. I personally gave it a 9/10.

  6. I don’t know were the sentiment comes from, but I get the feeling that this review wouldn’t be representative of my own experience with the game. I haven’t tried it yet, but many of the points mentioned in the review (the slowness of ‘running’ and the ‘pick up cutscenes’ in particular) could be applied to the rest of the series as well, and I don’t consider them negative points. If anything, those kind of things are staples of the frachise. I wouldn’t know about the pacing of the fighting since, as I said, I haven’t had the chance to play it yet.

    To me, this review reads way too harsh and without taking into account other titles of the franchise to establish some context. It’s probably what a first-timer used to faster-paced horror games would say about this franchise. Reminds me of those people that consider classic Resident Evil titles unplayable because of the tank controls.

    Not saying that’s the case, just that it’s the impression it gives me. Consider it constructive criticism.

    1. As a huge fan of PRE -5 Resident Evil, and Survival Horror in general… This review is dead on, and I’m not the only one to think so.

      Resident evil… The “clunky” controls are consistent and you can get used to them…not so in this game.

      I own it… I do like it.. But this review is accurate… I’m sorry if you had higher expectations. :/

      1. I need more information before I can believe the general consensus. Did you try any of the previous games in the franchise? How does this one fare compared to them?

  7. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    I’ll be glad to get this game when the chance finally arises since I’ve never played a Fatal Frame/Project Zero game before & this seems like the best chance since I can use the Gamepad as an actual camera. It will be nice practice for the day Game Freak gets off their fucking ass & gives us a new Pokemon Snap game.

    1. It’s fun. A bit repetative, but you can download the Demo! It’s much more of the same, but if you enjoy it, there you go!

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