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Xenoblade Chronicles X Awarded Best RPG At Paris Games Week 2015

Monolith Soft’s highly anticipated vast role-playing title Xenoblade Chronicles X has managed to win an award for best RPG during Paris Games Week. The game, which is due out on December 4th, managed to fend off a number of other titles to clinch the award. Xenoblade Chronicles X was the only Nintendo game to win an award at the event which took place last week.

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17 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles X Awarded Best RPG At Paris Games Week 2015”

    1. You mean besides the special edition? I forget where I ordered mine from, but it was the pack with the art book and USB drive?

      Good luck finding a standard issue bonus though. You’d think they’d come out with something!

      1. Off topic: Does anyone recommend Disney Infinity 3.0? I have the Darth Vader figure and I’m picking up the Darth Maul figure on Friday too but I’ve had no intentions in getting the game at all. I would love to play as Darth Maul again to get my “Darth Maul fix” haha Are the Star Wars game packs worth buying too?

        1. Can’t help ya bud. Maybe check Metacritic, WiiU User reviews? Good luck! And remember, #TheDarkSideHasMoreFun

          1. Didn’t even know there were awards at PGW, can’t find anything on it either. The sourced article says it’s not even known which other titles were in competition for the award.
            Kinda hard to tell how “meaningful” it is, but nice that it won either way.

            1. Interesting, hadn’t seen that page when I checked the website. But then again, the whole thing only being mentioned at the bottom of the summary of a whole day just doesn’t help, I suppose. Used Google to find something about the awards, didn’t get any hits either.
              But yea, interesting to see the winners of other categories too.

          2. Actually there are more than just Xeno X for Nintendo, there’s also guitar hero, and Lego dimensions which are both on Nintendo systems. It’s also best to note that Sony and Microsoft both only had one exclusive get a reward each.

          3. Ok, it’s only award for best Nintendo rpg games well good start and limited edition of metal gear solid v didn’t sell better than xenoblade chronicles x on amazon, so it gets +1 point there and another +1 in spain winning best game award that makes it 2 points that’s great.
            We will have to see if this games will become goty, had this in mind since I saw it first time, it is developed by Monolithsoft the masters of sci fi rpg game with big mechs, wow this is getting me hyped up.
            I have pre ordered Wiiu with xenoblade chronicles x premium pack, so I’m so excited to get this pack with beautiful looking picture on the box and looks best of any bundle I have seen on next gen consoles.

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