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Here’s What The Xenoblade Chronicles X Disc Art Looks Like

Review code for Xenoblade Chronicles X has begun rolling out to publications and we have finally gotten a look at the disc art for the North American version of the game. Xenoblade Chronicles X releases on December 4th in the United States and Europe. Expect our review of the game to appear in the coming weeks!

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27 thoughts on “Here’s What The Xenoblade Chronicles X Disc Art Looks Like”

  1. The cover art looks good but it looks weird at the same time, why say that the picture is like gameplay screen shoot but looks cool, i love the blue mech on the right is stunning, i hope this game scores high and i was waiting for this game since i seen first trailer of this game.

    1. I agree, I wish the disc art was original. I love when I open the box and see some art on the disc that isn’t anywhere else. Also I just barely got the Special edition, it took a month and a half past most places to be preorder-able on Canada 😢

  2. Still unsure about this one… Not sure I did the JRPG style as I have never gotten into one on my own and the turn based battles never appealed to me.

    Might be too good to pass up though in terms of the open world element and just getting into this type of game for the first time. More interested in Devil’s Third at the moment

    1. It isn’t turn based. I always compare it to World of Warcraft’s system. Your character auto-attacks and you can use skills and move meanwhile.

      1. Just like the first one this is not a turnbased rpg but it’s not an action rpg either, it’s more like a mix of the two where you are able to move around during battles and both your characters and the enemies will attack with what’s called auto attacks just by being close enough but you also have your arts which are more like your traditional turnbased rpg attacks just that you can use them whenever you want but they do however have cooldown time afterwards and some of them are pretty long so it’s not smart at all to just spam arts. Chain attacks however puts you in a sort of turnbased mode where you select an art for each character and you get a multiplier if you use arts of the same color and somtimes you get extra turns.

      2. This is great is open world when you are in a battle you can move just like action games, devils third is awful game stay away from it and has bad reviews one of the crappest game made by tecmo.

          1. I haven’t lost interest in Devil’s Third yet…I may still pick it up. I want to see some gameplay reviews. The “It looks like crap and is a crappy game” isn’t enough proof for me. I want to see something more concrete before deciding.

            1. Yeah, definitely… And to me, it doesn’t look like crap and building my own ultiplayer maps sounds very fun and being able to not just should, but beat the piss out of other players sounds pretty cool to me. I know not everyone is a fan of FPS games, but a different spin and something new as we don’t get new COD games for Wii U, I will take what I can get

              1. Yeah, might bring back some of that N64 multiplayer fun and chaos back. ;D – So… I’m crossing my fingers. I hope it doesn’t get unwarranted negative hype to the point of crippling sales. I’d like to see a cult following on this one.

                  1. You can’t really classify it as anything, it blends a couple of different genres to create something different. I’d classify it as an action-TPS more than anything.

                    1. right, but I guess to clarify what I was saying, because there are no action FPS games coming out for the system, this is the closest thing, but I do very much like the added element of third person ass kicking :)

                    2. It was they have given marks to all games, devil’s thirs scored 5/10 that is awful score the whole game has this weird looking character using sword and doesn’t suit in the game, poor story and actio is ok not one of the best what this developer can do same guys made Ninja gaiden 3 that game has hayabusa is must better game with lot of interesting weapons and lot interesting gameplay.

                    3. I actually like JRPGs. But…X might be too expansive for me. I’ve still yet to complete Chronicles partly for that same reason (& X is even bigger!). I’m not the type to linger too long on a game, & prefer a more focused experience, which allows me to seek out & play other games. Open Worlds can easily become & exercise in tedium for me. Yet if I just do the main stuff, I ain’t playing it right, & the game makes a point of telling me that. Sure hope Zelda U won’t succumb, but its art-style & the franchise’s magic & nostalgia should stave off the OW tedium.

                      Anyway, Devil’s 3rd is still high on my list. If I’m going to play a shooter, the hybrid, stylized kind are my bag…& your body bag (joking, of course). I’ll see you on the battlefield…maybe?

                      Goldeneye, Turok…meh.
                      Fear Effect, Killer7, Red Steel (mainly 2), Devil’s 3rd? Oh Hel yeah!

                      1. C’mon, my previous post is ‘still’ awaiting moderation? It’s been about 8 days since I posted it here (November 6, 2015 at 5:35 pm).

                        Please: either approve it soon, or explain why it’s unworthy so that I can amend it. But leaving it in limbo is worse than refusing it as loose ends are left untied indefinitely. I’m also left wondering whether leaving it in limbo is your way of censorship w/ out the confrontation. Or do you even find anything wrong w/ my previous post? Did it simply fall through the cracks? Will the powers that be even see ‘this’ plea? 😖 Agh!, so vexing. & yet, so trivial…

                    4. Now a thing to ask you from my nintendo news who said the review is coming with weeks and also applied to other reviewers. This game is huge, literally full of content. Much of the world and character developments is within the sidequests. How can you give a fair review of this game in such a short time? (presumably before release date). The game was meant to be explored and the sub quests to be made. A person who skips all this is literally throwing out most of the game. How can one possibly judge this game without doing all this stuff, or how can someone do all this stuff without proper time to do so.

                      1. Yeah that is true so maybe it may be an invomplete review going off of only a small portion of the game for a review because this game is long and will take forever to beat depending on what you wanna do

                      1. Yes I am aware but the reviewer should not base on the Japanese version. As I said the world build and characters lore is on sub quests in text form. If the reviewer don’t have high fluency with the Japanese language (almost native level) it would make difficult to extract these things while playing the Japanese version. Furthermore there may be differences in the US/EU version. Character and mechs who were paid DLC in the Japanese version are already within the game for the western version. Many people said the footage of this video: shows graphic UPgrades (read the comments). There very well be more things. It is necessary to play the US/EU version with depth to proper analyse it.

                        1. He said ‘footage’, not review. There’s been footage of the game available on YouTube on the like since April. You have a point with the graphic updates though, I didn’t know there was such a thing as that in the new versions. Time to get the game again.

                          1. In the end of the article the writer says “Expect our review of the game to appear in the coming weeks!” so that is why I wrote those things about how the review should be done. Well, I don’t know if there is a graphic upgrade for real but the trailer I showed you and some other recent footage of the EU/US version are gorgeous and there were many people clamming visual upgrade.

                            You said, get the game again. Do you have the Japanese version !!!!

                          2. Day one for my old arse. Preordered, and awaiting it with something akin to GLEE. If it’s delayed at the 11th hour, tho… BUTT STABBING TIME!!!

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