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New Hyrule Warriors Legends Trailer Showcases Tetra

Koei Tecmo Games has unleashed a brand new Hyrule Warriors Legends trailer showcasing the wonderful Tetra. As you can see from the video Tetra takes out a number of Miniblin on Windfall Island from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Hyrule Warriors is due to be released on January 21st in Japan and in North America and Europe in Q1 2016 exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

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11 thoughts on “New Hyrule Warriors Legends Trailer Showcases Tetra”

  1. I wonder how many people will complain about the gun or say stuff in the lines of “Is Nintendo allowing a gun?” and forget that Nintendo has Sin & Punishment and Eternal Darkness among their IP (and much more).

  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Meanwhile, information stating on whether the extra stuff Legends will be getting will be available to Wii U owners of the original game as DLC is nowhere to be seen. -.-

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        Some will defend Nintendo by saying this is all Koei Tecmo’s doing & ignore the fact this is freaking The Legend of Zelda, one of Nintendo’s most protected franchises. There is no way in hell Koei Tecmo is doing this stuff without the full backing of Nintendo.

      2. Well, we know -something-: we know that the 3DS game comes with download codes for the new content (at least the characters ) in the Wii U version. What we don’t know yet is whether or not that will be the only way to get it on Wii U is through said codes in the 3DS game’s packaging. If it is… Then that’s just low and Nintendo ought to be ashamed.

        Frankly, if the 3DS version gets that stuff for practically free, why shouldn’t the Wii U owners as well? After all, it is because we bought it on Wii U and proved this game would sell that it’s being ported in the first place, why should we not reap the benefits or be rewarded?

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          That’s what I meant. No info on whether we can get the 3DS stuff WITHOUT getting the 3DS game.

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