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Super Mario Maker Update Is Now Available

As promised Nintendo has issued a substantial update to Super Mario Maker. It brings the version to 1.20 and includes a number of highly requested features including mid-level checkpoints, a hard mode in the Gnat Attack mini game, and stackable power-ups. If you want to read all the details then you can find them, here.

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7 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker Update Is Now Available”

  1. “a hard mode for the Gnat Attack minigame.” Okay, I see. So, it wasn’t hard enough before? (Srsly, it feels like I’m about to poke a hole in the Gamepad in the normal final level.)

  2. One very negative thing about this update: It fixes the Invisble Block glitch, but it doesn’t restrict that fix to the editor. As of right now, Super Mario Maker has unbeatable levels. If you’re looking to do a no-skip 100 Mario Challenge, that is no longer always possible.

    On top of that, this is now an unnecessary restriction in a creation tool. True, Nintendo is the kind of company I’d expect this from, but this game is meant to explore things out of the official Mario norm. If fans are smart enough to find an exploit like this one, their ingenuity should be rewarded.

  3. The stackable power-up thing should have a description it only works with the Mushroom. What I mean is, if I have a leaf, I can’t stack a fire flower on it, only a mushroom. It’s not a big deal but I thought that might be kind of a cool design choice that would open up the creativity of a level. On the other hand though, why did they change the checkpoint look for Super Mario world. It’s a flag now, which is okay, but why couldn’t they stay consistent with the original game and just use the relay poles check point.

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