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Target: Cards Reconfirm Fire Emblem Fates Is Dual Release For North America


While it seems as though Fire Emblem Fates could be a single release in Europe it appears as though Nintendo of America will be releasing the title as a dual release in North America as it had originally planned. For those unaware, the two versions of Fire Emblem Fates are Conquest and Birthright. The Amazon UK listing for the game suggests that the content will be on a single cartridge while the US will have to choose between which version they wish to purchase. This has been reconfirmed recently by Target reservation cards which show the two different versions. Fire Emblem Fates is coming next year here in the west.


Thanks to MasterPikachu6 for the tip

25 thoughts on “Target: Cards Reconfirm Fire Emblem Fates Is Dual Release For North America”

      1. Is that what it was? I was always under the impression that it was going to be 2 separate games, but a 3rd version would end up being the DLC version (the cheaper version) later on.

      2. I’m just gonna buy both seperately…. I won’t feel complete if I buy the boxed version for on and download the other….

        I need to box for both versions! >w>

      3. I really don’t like this direction they’re going in. I hope they at least have a bundle that includes both versionsand the other DLC pack. I’m excited for fates. Hopefully it lives up to Awakening in content.

      4. NOA strikes again. Seriously, what the fuck is Reggie smoking? Why change the game from the Japanese version? Europe didn’t change anything?! Why does NOA always have to Fuck with the U.S. versions of games so much!?

        I’m sick of NOA. I really am. I don’t know how much more of this shit I can take… I may be overreacting, but when you add enough drops of water in a glass, it will eventually overflow.

      5. Just to add. Every other region that plays Fates gets to choose which side to take after a certain point in the game. But obviously with the American version that decision will not be ours to make IN GAME. NOA made the decision for us….. I have to leave, I’m going to start a serious rant if I don’t….

      6. They pander to Europe because sales are very bad there. As a Downloader I don’t really care. They prey on you physical copy people, but then you guys never bought an external.

        1. Lol. That’s kinda true. And I’ll get physical copies sometimes…like X, I bought the special edition, plus I’m a but low on space on my WiiU.
          I remember ranting quite a bit on how eShop games cost as much as physical, now most of my games are digital…I just love carrying my games all on one DS. Fates will def be a digital edition. I want access to that game all the time.

      7. it’s me of fire emblem should have all (from the start) HD remix on the wii U (well I don’t plan to buy an NX). I think Nintendo has publish some good RPG, it’s just a shame we don’t have it in Europe.

      8. As a huuuge fan of FE, I want both games. But I’m still waiting for the price tag of each to make any conclusions.

        If they get full priced — i.e., $ 39.99 each –, Nintendo will become the official corporate scalpers of the 21st century.

        1. I’m really hoping the second is discounted DLC. Fingers crossed. And you know there will be a ton of paid DLC like in Awakening. NoA needs something to censor! ;D

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        3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Typical Nintendo of America. They got to make sure they make the most money out of this so two separate physical releases it is with no bundle with one of the games for half price or for free in sight. *flips Nintendo of ‘Murica off & flies off back to my Hoth base to activate the shield generator again*

          (With Star Wars Battlefront & a PS4 being in my room incoming in December, expect a lot more Star Wars references, bitches!)

        4. Wow, I read a lot of comments from cheap ass bellyachers. I hope they do release the limited one similar to Japan where both come on the same cart for you guys…so then I can listen to you cry about the price or availability with that one too. Nintendo can take all my money on this one. Oh wait, they did when I preordered off Amazon in July. I can’t wait for this, just wish they’d drop the street date on us!

          1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

            Are we really the cheap ones? Maybe Nintendo of America & Nintendo of Japan are the cheap ones too cheap to put two alternate versions of the same story into one single game game for the low price of 50 bucks. Sega/Atlus did it with Etrian Odyssey 1 Untold & 2 Untold.

            This isn’t Pokemon where two alternate versions of the same story had to be done in order for the game’s most important mechanic to be used: trading Pokemon between versions.

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