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Mighty No. 9 Creator Open To The Idea Of Mighty No.9 Amiibo

Online gaming publication US Gamer recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Keiji Inafune regarding the upcoming Mighty No.9. During the interview Inafune has discussed the delay and the opportunity for an inevitable sequel to the game, if all goes well. He was also quizzed about creating a Mighty No.9 amiibo to which he replied that he knows a large portion of the backers are Nintendo system owners so it’s something they would like to look into.

Now that Nintendo has opened the gates for third-party Amiibo, are you looking to expand in that direction for your Nintendo fans? 

“That’s definitely an option for us, and if we have the opportunity to do it, then we’ll definitely take the chance. And also, we know for a fact a lot of our backers are Nintendo fans, because we ran a platform survey [for Mighty No. 9], and we see how many people are choosing Nintendo hardware. So it’s definitely something we have to look into.”


Thanks to MasterPikachu6 for the news tip

15 thoughts on “Mighty No. 9 Creator Open To The Idea Of Mighty No.9 Amiibo”

    1. it would be cool if you had the 3DS and wii U version and the amiibo let you save your game and carry progress back and forth. also I hope beck comes to smashbrothers. (beck VS mega man)

      1. I think the new president well change that. I mean remember iyawata was president for a long time. and the new president has already stressed change, expansion, and spoke out against some of the things that were bad with the wii U/3DS I think the new Nintendo direct well be our first sign of changes in how the company is run

      2. HOw about just make a fucking Mega Man game, you bunch of fucking clowns.

        SOrry if that was crass, but seriously, that is a great franchise that could have so many games. 3D mega man, whatever, it is an untapped oil well at least as worthy as Sonic if not moreso especially if done right.


      3. Of course he would like the idea, but after all the bullshit he’s pulled I don’t see anyone giving him what he wants. Mighty no.9 will release next summer to ‘meh’ acclaim and will be forgotten in a week. A sequel will be pitched on kickstarter and nobody will fund it. So ends the franchise.

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