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Nintendo Badge Arcade Is Now Available In North America

Nintendo Badge Arcade is now available in North America on Nintendo 3DS. It is a free download via the Nintendo eShop and requires 582 blocks of free space. With the crane machine game, you can collect badges based on Nintendo games and series and decorate your HOME Menu with them. There are several different machines that contain badges from series such as Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Bros. and more. Nintendo Badge Arcade will arrive in Europe on November 13.


11 thoughts on “Nintendo Badge Arcade Is Now Available In North America”

  1. At first I didn’t care, but after watching the video in the other post I’m interested.

    It’ll give me an excuse to turn on my dusty 3DS and maybe I’ll finally get into Xenoblade prior to X.

  2. I’m a little disappointed in this. You have to pay for… icons? Microsoft gives those away for free on windows. Also, I was under the impression that this was Nintendo’s answer to achievements. I thought that you unlocked badges the way you would achievements. An opportunity missed by Nintendo.

    1. You get the icons through a crane game. You’re given 5 free tries to start, and after that you get 5 tries for $1. However, you can win 3 free tries in the daily practice game, and Nintendo will give out tries in the future. In the game, you have a chance of getting extra icons by merit of the game’s physics.

      Long story short, you do NOT pay for icons a la carte. You pay for a chance to get several.

      1. That’s fair. That’s only part of my issue. I was hoping to earn the badges the way I’d earn an achievement on XB1 as opposed to playing a minigame for them. It would be a way of showing others accomplishments that they otherwise wouldn’t see. For example, recieving a badge for your home menu after beating a gym in ORAS/XY.

        1. I do think there’s something to that idea, and hopefully Nintendo implements that as a way to get exclusive badges.

        1. Get help. ;)
          I have 22? 5 free. 5 more free for the practice. And $2 got me quite a few.

          It’s fun.. Not really fun, but Pay-to-play addicting. The main reason I decided to get some, is you can put them on FOLDERS, which can help you organize games. It’s a decent concept. I feel sorry for parents with kids today… $$$$$

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