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Video: “Wii U- Game Center Holiday Edition: Super Mario Maker”

The Play Nintendo Youtube channel has posted a new video to promote the recently released Super Mario Maker. The short clip, which you can find below, is set up like a mock sports cast, exclaiming the unthinkable levels and enemies that users can create and share. Judging from Nintendo’s holiday commercial, Super Mario Maker isn’t the only focus for the season, so you can probably expect to see more videos in this series.


6 thoughts on “Video: “Wii U- Game Center Holiday Edition: Super Mario Maker””

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Besides the fact it’s dragging Nintendo through the mud? Back in the day, they cared about everyone & not just kiddy/family friendly obsessed casual prudes.

          1. If you say so. To me, this is actually drumming up business. I see no problem with this commercial since the holidays are about to hit. Parents are looking for good gifts so to me this is a good way to get wii u out there. Look past that fact you are getting at, not for what it is.

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