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Rumour: Amazon Has Pokemon Game Boy Virtual Console Games Priced At $9.99

We were all delighted to learn that Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will eventually be heading to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Nintendo has yet to mention pricing for the games, but most of us expect that they will retail for the standard price of Game Boy Virtual Console titles on the Nintendo 3DS. However, online retailer Amazon has the digital versions listed at $9.99 each which seems a little steep. They are also listed with a February 27th release date.

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18 thoughts on “Rumour: Amazon Has Pokemon Game Boy Virtual Console Games Priced At $9.99”

    1. These are Gameboy games though. Usually priced around $3 on the eShop. Each game for $10 is insane. They should be free, in my opinion, considering they’ve already made enough money on the original game (and its monumental success) 20 years ago. $2-4? Sure. $10? No way. Pricing a Gameboy game in the same league as a N64 game on the VC is just not right (especially when the only improvement was wireless trading). If it was all three games, that would be completely fine.

    1. Like the Super GB features? No, only yellow had that added natively. The Japanese version of yellow never had colour either even when played on a GB Color just the choice between two colour palettes. So like all normal GB VC releases these will be in black and white, except yellow of course. Or actually I think you can make that green background as well. Like the original GB.

    2. $10 is about £6.50ish, would buy all 3 in a £14.99 bundle. Seems fair with added wireless trade support. What would be the icing on top if they added Pokemon bank support too, would only be the original 151 obviously but I guess I’ll take this for now. =]

        1. I don’t care about that dammit, I want to go from Gen 1 to gen 6+ with the same party of 6. It’s cool even without pokemon bank support though, it just would be cool to be able able to at least upload them even if it is a one way system to gen 6+.

          1. Hum. I get we’re your coming from. Would be cool if you could trade with your own games through download play. Two consoles required but both games could be installed on the same unit. For an example. Super Game Boy features would be great as well, giving red and blue versions a little more colour. Heck, code in Mew somewhere as an actual in game event so it can be obtained without glitching. We’ll see what they do.

        2. They’ve added wireless support, so they’ve modified the game in some way. I don’t doubt it’ll be a bit more but $10 is a bit much. Maybe that’s the price for all three? That’d be a nice bundle!

        3. If they patch LG Fly, I won’t even buy these games. If I buy these, I want them to be the exact same thing I already spent $40+ on, and nothing less. If I can trade Pokemon, “so what” if I can just do that on my GB. $10 is insane; it should be free just like the Zelda 4 Swords.

        4. Oh man, this is the best news I’ve read in a long time. I am so f****** happy right now.

          Long shot, but I wish the would add something to let you transfer Pokemon from thesevgames to the newer versions.


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