US: Save $30 On Guitar Hero Live At Amazon And Best Buy

With the nearly simultaneous release of Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live, the music game franchise has attempted to reclaim the thrown it held in the early 2000’s. But, so far it isn’t looking too good. Compared to their presence at this years E3, the games had a relatively quiet release, which may be the reason for their modest sales. However, the true test for both games will be this holiday season, and Guitar Hero Live is completely prepared.

Right now, you can pick up Guitar Hero Live for $70 at both Amazon and Best Buy. That’s a whopping $30 off of the original price. So if you miss shredding your plastic guitar, or are friends with one of the kids who could play the game on hard with their eyes closed and the guitar behind their back, make sure to pick up Guitar Hero Live for the holidays.


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