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Minecraft Story Mode Retail Release Listed At Target

It’s not quite the original Minecraft, but Minecraft: Story Mode has been listed as a retail release at Target. The US-based retailer says that the full product will cost $29.99 and will apparently be released on June 30th, which could just be a placeholder. Would you purchase the game at retail or just get the digital version?

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

5 thoughts on “Minecraft Story Mode Retail Release Listed At Target”

    1. If you click the link in the article, it shows that sickr was referring to the Wii U version. The retail version is already out on other consoles, as it’s being sold as the first episode+season pass price and updates as each episode comes out.

      From the looks of it, it seems like TellTales had difficulty putting their episodic format on Nintendo’s eShop so they had to wait to release all the episodes at once rather than episodically.

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