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Splatoon Nabs BAFTA Children’s “Best Game” Award

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts have announced the winners of their 20th annual BAFTA Children’s Awards with Nintendo grabbing their own Bronze Mask. Going up against other games such as Minecraft, Yoshi’s Woolly World, and Adventure Time Game Wizard, Nintendo’s Splatoon managed to win the title of “Best Game” for 2015. Check out the trophy alongside the Splatoon amiibo in Nintendo UK’s tweet:

18 thoughts on “Splatoon Nabs BAFTA Children’s “Best Game” Award”

    1. For the “Kid’s Vote” — that was the polling from the kids versus the critics. It is like how IGN runs GotY and then readers GotY.

        1. No! I’m saying they didn’t win the kids vote! They won the adult, actual critic moderated award — Minecraft won the kids vote.

  1. Certinly game of the year material … the game can be played as a fun relaxing game or you can play it to the hardcore level in rank mode and it helps that no weapon is OP to the point is broken and almost all weapons can be used to reach Rank S+ .. i’m so happy that nintendo decided not to include mario characters as it would have been not comsidered a legit new IP … this game is a gift from nintendo truly i think if you had to slap a game as a mascot for a console splatoon is a Wii U mascot .. cant wait for its next succssor in the future ..

  2. Children are fantastic, I don’t know why people always belittle that word, especially some fans of this huge children company ^_^

    1. I think you just said it, “Children’s company,” – When I played Nintendo games, it wasn’t just for kids. As you just said, it has become a children’s company, I’m just struggling to accept it since it’s not the Nintdndo I’m used to.

      1. Most of their games always were family-friendly oriented, but they’ve always had more edgy stuff like Metroid, F-Zero and they still do or else we wouldn’t have gotten Bayonetta 2 or Devil’s Third. I don’t mind either, I like both. I think the problem is they have zero third party support in the mature department, so their delivery seems lacking compared to SNES/NES/N64 Nintendo.
        Besides, NoA have always had this children friendly concern. It’s just what was cool for young children in the 80s and 90s is not what is cool today.

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