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Nintendo Will Apparently Show New Content At Game Awards 2015

The Game Awards 2015 are taking place next Thursday and it promises to be a great event with a number of exclusive trailers. Geoff Keighley who is organising the event told fans on Periscope that Nintendo will apparently have new content to showcase during the event. What the content will be remains to be seen, but footage of The Legend of Zelda Wii U certainly wouldn’t go unappreciated. Keighley also strongly hinted that a fitting tribute is organised for the late Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata. Be sure to tune into the event on Thursday, December 3rd.

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53 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Apparently Show New Content At Game Awards 2015”

    1. Oh, sorry. I just saw an article about there being an Iwata tribute at the show, and that was my response to that. I look forward to getting a live audience reaction to the news right then and there.

  1. Still having trouble understanding what about “no info about the NX before 2016” people can’t grasp. Of course there won’t be info about the NX at the Game Awards 2015, it’s in 2015. 2015 is not 2016. 2016 won’t happen before December 31st 2015. Really. Not lying. 100% honest.

    1. Nintendo may however show an NX title without actually saying it’s an NX title. Pikmin 4? Naaaaahhh…………the VGA dudebro crowd would never go for that. A new Metroid or a new mature hardcore IP perhaps? Now yeah, that would certainly get the dudebros in a frenzy and very interested

        1. They announced a smash direct for december. I dont think there will be a lot of smash stuff at the VGA’s for that reason.

            1. When I google it every source says “Smash focused Nintendo Direct in december”. Even if it is an “event” (whatever that means in this case) I am pretty sure that upcoming Smash news will be all at that event/direct/whatever. Otherwise it would kinda defeat the purpose of the special direct/event.

              1. Nice, finally more stuff to Metroid Prime Federation Force. Maybe it will be the first good game in the prime series.

                Anyway…hoping for a Zelda trailer, thinking about it there is a good chance Pikmin 4 will officially get announced since it already was “pretty close to completion” a while ago.

                        1. Why don’t you shut up you cry baby? I wasn’t even rude in my comment. And I see you post it all the time. You’re full of crap if you say you don’t. I didn’t literally mean every single article obviously, but it’s very often and contributes nothing to the topic at hand. It makes you look like a five- year-old counting down all the time. You’re excited for the game. Cool. We don’t need to see it all over the place.

                          1. I have posted it a few times but not on every article and no one is crying lol I don’t care if you were rude or not say I got shut up is not rude it’d not like I was cursing you out and or talking about you and it doesn’t matter whether I contribute to the article or not and Atlee you the one that is crying or what

                            1. You’re in denial. I’ve seen it many times. And your grammar in your last comment is bad, so I am not entirely sure what you are saying. And telling someone to shut up is rude, so you’re clueless if you don’t think so. And how am I crying by pointing out that toy do something annoying? I’ve obviously dealing with a teenager. So I am just gonna end this conversation. Enjoy the game when it comes out.

                                  1. Im Not in denial I said I posted it a few times and OK I’m typing really fast and don’t care how my grammar is on a websites comment section and no telling someone to shut up is not rude especially if that person got into your conversation and starting whining about something that doesn’t concern them in the slightest and yet again I can comment whatever I feel like whenever I feel like but I don’t and it doesn’t concern you and you can assume whatever you want and of course I will enjoy the game and now shut up and leave me alone unless if you have something to talk to me about regarding games I might like or something else and stop whining

                                  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                    I think he’s doing it to annoy me, actually. *shrug* If anything, it just makes him look even more like eminem123! so I won’t waste my time.

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                                3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                  *shrug* Never get too excited for Nintendo news this gen, guys. Last time we did, we got Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, Metroid Prime Federation Force, & Legend of Zelda: CDi Princess Crying Over Her Lost Wardrobe When She’s a Princess and Can Get a New Wardrobe in Less Than A Month Because She’s a Freaking Princess so Why Waste the Time of a Fucking Hero That Could be Returning to Hyrule to Save the Kingdom from Ganon Although It Would Explain Why Hyrule Goes to Shit in the Original Legend of Zelda Because Link was Busy Wasting His Time Saving Hytopia’s Lazy, Whiny, Cheap, Selfish Princess’s Fucking Wardrobe. Did I miss anything else from the shitty E3 2015?

                                      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                        I’m giving Yokai Watch the benefit of a doubt for now since it’s a new IP. It could be the next Splatoon or it could be the next Code Name STEAM. I don’t care either way, though.

                                        As for Mario Tennis: Ultra Trash, don’t get me started on how it’s a joke compared to the N64 original.

                                        1. Yokai Watch doesn’t really appeal to me; it might have if Phoenix Wright 5 didn’t force the concept of them down my throat in order to finish one case.

                                          As for Ultra Smash, the only good thing I can say about it for now is that lHoney Queen didn’t replace Waluigi again like in MK7.

                                        2. Also, unless I’m mistaken, during the last Direct they announced free DLC for TriForce Heroes: 30 more stages and more costumes. The game already had 30 stages, so if this is true, it might be like its Master Quest.

                                          If that’s true, I may consider dipping my toes in.

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