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Target Confirms Wii U Was The Top-Selling Item On Its Website On Black Friday

It looks like more and more people are interested in picking up a Wii U for the holidays, and it could have something to due with Nintendo offering some pretty sweet deals on new bundles. The console was even the top-selling item on Target’s website on Black Friday. The retailer is also saying that gaming consoles in general were popular among consumers in both stores and online.


21 thoughts on “Target Confirms Wii U Was The Top-Selling Item On Its Website On Black Friday”

  1. i wonder what the reasons were to get a wii u, not saying they shouldn’t get it, just curious. i would imagine xenoblade chronicles x or maybe smash bros u because it will be getting cloud soon or just ‘family-friendly’ games like yoshi’s woolly world or upcoming games from end of year to 2016 or just cause (not the game).

    1. Honestly, com’on, if you don’t have a wii u yet there is like 2 dozen reasons to get one. So many people think about what games are coming out right now. The wii u has lots of good, exclusive games that cant be played anywhere else.

      Captain Toad
      Hyrule Warriors(which I have put over 400 hours into)
      Super Mario 3d world
      New super Mario U
      Luigi U
      Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
      Fatal Frame V
      Bayonetta 2(which comes with a free copy of Bayonetta 1)
      Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
      Wind Waker HD
      Mario Kart 8
      Nintendo Land(which I still play quite often with friends)
      Super Smash Bros U
      Super Mario Maker
      Yoshi’s Woolly World
      Lego City Undercover
      Zombi U(yes, no longer exclusive but still the better version)
      Kirby & The Rainbow Curse(though not a fan personally)
      Pikmin 3
      Wonderful 101

      and future exclusives..

      Xenoblade Chronicles
      Devils Third(though it may suck)
      Star Fox
      Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

      and many more I don’t own…

      Sorry to say, I can’t think of 5 games on PS4 or XboxOne that are must have games..

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        Scratch Hyrule Warriors from that list. With the 3DS getting Hyrule Warriors Legends with 99% of the Wii U version’s DLC for free along with new characters & new stories, no one is going to pay 60 bucks for the Wii U version plus 20 bucks for the DLC when they can get it all & more for around 40 bucks.

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Well almost no one, anyway, as there will be a few poor souls getting suckered into buying the Wii U version.

      2. Wow your list is amazing of exclusives and your right PS4 and Xboxone don’t have much of good games these titles are by far one of the best this generation.
        The black Friday deal it was winner because of amazing bundles, smash bros, bayonetta 2 and xenoblade chronicles x nothing will come close to this game easily a winner.

  2. I like the wii u and its my only 8th gen home console.
    I like that its selling good because it deserves more attention then just being a failed console gen for nintendo.

  3. i think it sold well because of that smash/splatoon bundle (arguably the two biggest releases for the system). hopefully nintendo notices this momentum and doesnt abandon the wii u does anyone have any lifetime sales data compared to other consoles?

  4. I imagine that now it has the amount of games it should have had within its first 18 months and therefore, with a very solid bundle of two games (wii u pro controller would have been good to include, but it would have had to be 299 probably) it is now a much more enticing buy than the other two, especially for families with kids under 12 who aren’t playing their Wii as much but still have always liked that more than anything else.

    Tortoise vs Hare

  5. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    I can’t get excited or disappointed about this. Why? Because there are no numbers! I want numbers before I fall for this ploy to get excited. The last time Nintendo, or anyone else, hyped up the sales of Wii U, we later found out the sales number was only around 1-2 million, putting the lifetime sales at around 11 million sold. Yeah. Not falling for it a second time, guys.

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