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Video: FAST Racing NEO Wii U VS. FAST Racing League Wii

Popular YouTuber Tilmen from Tilmendomination has put together a brand new comparison video looking at the final version of the long-awaited FAST Racing NEO on the Wii U vs. FAST Racing League on the Wii. As you would expect the first thing that strikes you is the superb HD visuals of FAST Racing NEO and the blistering pace. The game is due to be released on Thursday, December 10th on the Wii U eShop.

10 thoughts on “Video: FAST Racing NEO Wii U VS. FAST Racing League Wii”

  1. I have played it on the Wii it was pretty good, you guys always says underpowered some of them games look, feel and play better, don’t get me wrong the Wii are much better than PS4 and Xboxone together don’t call me fanboy,Wii had some of the best games I have ever played if not good as Wiiu titles.

    Now fast racing neo on Wiiu looks stunning in HD graphics and very fast speed gameplay this game looks to be very good sci fi racer.

    1. I agree,
      my point is the Wii was too weak and that in turn made the Wii U weaker than the ps4 and xbone.

      Gameplay is every important but Nintendo is the only dev that can work around the lack of power for better visuals.

      I’m not asking for the NX to be more powerful than the ps4 and xbone. it should be on par. we need games with great visuals to match the great gameplay.

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