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Sonic Boom Wii U Is $12.88 On Amazon

Sonic Boom Wii U is possibly one of the most derided Sonic games since Sonic 2006, but if you fancy taking a punt on the game then it is currently available on Amazon for $12.88. The game has presumably had a couple of patches so should run slightly better than it did at launch. Anyway, if you are after a Sonic fix you can’t go too wrong for $12.88. Fingers crossed!

32 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Wii U Is $12.88 On Amazon”

        1. You think something is wrong with them because they like a game that you don’t like. An issue with the video game industry….selfish people.

            1. I’m not doubting the flaws. People on miiverse show the flaws. Flaws will always be in some video games if the price is low then it is easy to get the game with the flaws then buy it full price (assassin creed unity). I look at games differently. If you take the sonic name and characters off the game would it get the backlash that it receive.

          1. Regardless your last post, there are NOT many people who like Boom. So if Sega wants to really sweeten consumer retention, Christmas Card! :)

            1. I agree. There are going to be games like that. I know people that really liked the E.T. Atari game but we know what majority of people thought of that game. There are games that majority of people like that I don’t like as an example The Last of Us. I love the story but hated the gameplay.

  1. After the patch the game is always below avarage but don’t so bad like a lot of people say, it is way better than Sonic 06, waaaaay better, I presume a lot of fans talk about it without never actually played it… if Sega realeased it with more polish, less glitch ecc… it was probably remembered like an avarage Sonic game and not with this eternal shame :P

  2. I think I’ll pick it up again. I purchased on release, beat it, sold it. It’s decent at this price, especially with the major update that fixed most things, to add to my collection.

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