Video: The Legend Of Dark Witch 2 Trailer

It looks like the 3DS eShop is getting another 2D action platformer. Japanese developers Inside System and Flyhigh Works are bringing The Legend of Dark Witch 2 to the North American eShop this Thursday and have released a trailer, which you can watch below. The game will set you back $6.99.

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    1. I am super excited for this game! I randomly picked up the first game and had so much fun playing it. And what’s even more exciting is that it comes out really soon!

    2. I would say it’s more in line with the early Mega Man games. You run left to right, shoot bad guys and fight bosses. When you beat a boss you get their power and each boss is weak to a specific power. The fun twist is that there is a leveling up system so you can get stronger and make the game easier with more power, more life, etc.

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