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Tri Force Heroes Interview Discusses Scrapped Naked Costume, Possible Destiny Influence, And More

Game Informer recently got the chance to sit down and discuss The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes with game director Hiromasa Shikata and series producer Eiji Anouma. The interview reiterates some of the news that has released since the game’s launch, such as where the title fits in the official timeline, but includes new info about development, characters, and advertisements that makes it worth a read. You can take a look at some excerpts below, or read the full interview here.

On whether or not A Link Between Worlds assets were used to streamline development: 

Aonuma: More so than saying it’s the art assets or the game world, it’s more about the game system, so with Majora’s Mask we really looked at what we had developed with Ocarina of Time and they wanted to go back and use that same system, doing something with masks, and sort of streamline that development time, and again reuse some of the things we had already created.

Shikata: When we finished up A Link Between Worlds, we looked at the game engine and Mr. Aonuma had talked with the team about wanting to create a multiplayer Zelda game and really wanted to take a look at whether or not that system was something they could use to accomplish that goal. So more than art assets or visiting the same worlds, it’s more about does a game’s engine and system we have work with this next idea and do they match up? And in this case they did.

On the possible influence of Destiny’s item retrieval system: 

Shikata: I know of Destiny, but I have never actually played it. So, none of the structure of Zelda was based on that game at all.

On cut costumes: 

Shikata: I’m sure you’re familiar with the tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes, where the Emperor is told he has the most wonderful fashion ever, but he is actually naked. We wanted to implement some sort of outfit that would play off of that story, but we couldn’t come up with any abilities that that outfit would add, so they really weren’t able to bring that idea to fruition. We were really were disappointed that we weren’t able to implement it and bring it into the game.



4 thoughts on “Tri Force Heroes Interview Discusses Scrapped Naked Costume, Possible Destiny Influence, And More”

  1. How does it have “possible Destiny influence” when the developer comes flat out and says, no we were not influenced by Destiny?

    I really wish Aonuma would have scrapped the multiplayer idea and just focused on a true ALBW sequel instead. I mean hell, if your gonna re-use the same assets and spend all that development costs on Tri-force heros, why not just make a full fledged sequel instead? Something about multiplayer and Zelda doesn’t sit well with me. I didn’t like like four swords, and I don’t like triforce heros…

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