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Pokken Tournament Will Launch Alongside A Special Wii U Controller In Japan

It’s safe to say that consumers in Japan will definitely have the option of getting the complete Pokken Tournament package. When the Wii U version of the fighting title launches in the region on March 18, it will be available alongside a Wii U bundle featuring a digital copy of the game. A special wired controller will be released as well, but it will be sold separately. You won’t need the arcade-inspired controller to play the game, however, as it is also compatible with the Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller and the Wii Classic Controller Pro.



  1. That controller screams third party. It’s definitely not up to par with the Wii U Pro controller, which people are better off using than this controller. If it doesn’t make it out of Japan, the rest of the world should be more than okay.

  2. This controller is basic and look nice to me and we already have pro controller and is way better no need to have this, this game look so stunning fighting style of tekken this is one powerful force of pokemon not miss out on.

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