Nintendo Employee Reveals How A Mario Character Was Named After Motorhead Frontman

Kotaku has run a rather interesting scoop with Dayvv Brooks a product analyst at Nintendo whose previous job was localizing Nintendo’s biggest games. Brooks was the one who named the Kooplings and he has confirmed that Lemmy was named after Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister who tragically passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer.

“Music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve been a DJ for years and have been a music collector for even longer. When I first saw the group of seven Koopalings, music was on my mind.

The hairstyle on one of them reminded me of Ludwig von Beethoven for some reason and Ludwig von Koopa was born. Next was the one with the glasses—that has to be Roy Koopa in homage to Roy Orbison, who almost always wore glasses. Then Wendy O. Koopa (Wendy O. Williams) [and] Iggy Koopa (Iggy Pop). One looked like a loudmouth, so he was Morton Koopa Jr. from [the] loud-mouthed talk show host Morton Downey Jr. And then there was Larry. There’s no real-world equivalent—he’s not Larry Mullen Jr. from U2 or Larry King—he just looked like a Larry.

That brings us to Lemmy. In addition to being a great name, it’s perfect for a video game character. This Koopaling struck me as being the kind of character who would do his own thing, no matter what anyone else thought. I think it was those crazy eyes. Lemmy Koopa was in the crew.”


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  1. Motorhead? As an a biker, with a shiny ass bold head. Who wears tight ass leather pants?

  2. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

    My favorite Koopaling is Lemmy Koopa, too! RIP, Lemmy…

  3. i’m guessing that the middle character is lemmy, cause i can’t thing of any other said character in mario would be named after the lead singer from Motor Head.[&#X1f61d]


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