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Here’s A Look At Entire Third Wave Of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

The third wave of amiibo cards are set to launch in Japan on January 14th for 324 yen a pack. Nintendo Japan has given us a look at the entire wave in one handy image. If you want to see each card individually then be sure to visit Nintendo’s official page, right here.


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    1. Series 2 doesn’t hit North America until the 22nd. TCG markets in Japan and NA are very different beasts in terms of sales and dispersal. Companies tend to spread sets out more in North America as it works well with the masses and with store fronts, whereas Japan has so many TCGs that consistent sets have to be released to keep interest, it’s generally why Japan is a couple sets ahead of us in Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon at all times.

    1. You’d be surprised. They were a pain in the butt to find the first few weeks they were out, they were pretty quickly restocked, but the first shipment sold out quickly. Happy Home Designer has it’s ups and downs, but being able to interact and personalize the houses of the characters within the cards is pretty neato. I don’t have loads, but it’s much easier and cheaper to be a completionist with these card sets than with regular amiibo. Many people also hope they’ll have some use in the next animal crossing game whenever that occurs.

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