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Shovel Knight amiibo Can Be Read Through Its Packaging

It looks like the new Shovel Knight amiibo can be read through its packaging, without having to open the box first to expose its rear. You typically can’t do this with other amiibo, which are compatible only after they have been taken out of their packaging. The Shovel Knight amiibo was just released yesterday, January 8, in North America. It allows players to unlock exclusive features in the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the Shovel Knight game.



24 thoughts on “Shovel Knight amiibo Can Be Read Through Its Packaging”

  1. I need me one.

    All my amiibos are still in the box. I read them thru the box too. With a small modification of the box of course :)

  2. At this point, there’s not much point in keepin em nib anymore. Prices have dropped on pretty well every single amiibo, save a couple that have yet to be restocked. That being said, Yacht Club is knowledgable on the collectibility of amiibos, and of the communities, so clearly they made sure to appeal to everyone; even those very few who want that extra bit of oxygen in the box for the apocalypse in the process.

    They’re very considerate boat lovers.

  3. List of Amiibo to snag:
    Shovel Knight
    K.K. Slider
    Mr. Resetti

    All the others I already own or don’t care for.

  4. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

    Lol this let’s you know that Nintendo doesn’t give a rat’s ass about shovel knight. Glad this basic bitch wasn’t added to smash.

      1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

        If the amiibo is readable through the box. All of you have to do is walk by it and steal it’s tag with an NFC tag copier. Which allows you to have the shovel knight amiibo without fucking buying it. That’s the type of shit I’m on.

  5. It’s really not necessary to have that foil there. Amiibo can be used in a variety of games so it’s not like people will scan it to unlock the special thing and return it. Some require you to have it anytime you activate a feature. It’s nice for collectors who want to maybe use it to try it out. Generally though I think if people want them to use them they’ll open it anyways. So this is probably a good thing for the few that don’t wanna open the box.

    1. People who collect these things in the box need to get a grip on reality. I mean, if you watch an episode of Antiques Roadshow even toys that are NIB and a hundred years old really aren’t worth that much money. The amount it would cost to buy evry amiibo NIB is about the same price for an actual work of contemporary art that will be worth a fortune one day. As soon as they announced the Animal Crossing amiibo I woke up. Thought they would do Pokemon first! It’s like printing money.

  6. Wait, all we have is a screenshot. Is it not possible for this to be staged? It’s very easy to do this with an amiibo that is out of its packaging, scan it, then place SK in his box atop the system, creating the illusion. Has no one actually tested this?

    1. People responded to MNN’s tweet about the foil, which stops you from doing this, wasn’t there when they opened theirs.

    1. I can’t find one either, and it’s $30 online already…. Fuck.

      Well, since it’s nit Nintendo, I hope they just keep production going so I can get one eventually! Were there preorders? How did I miss this? Ugh.

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