Nintendo Seems To Be Deleting Super Mario Maker Courses Without Telling Their Creators

It looks like Nintendo has been deleting Super Mario Maker courses without telling their creators. Apparently, courses with “low popularity” are being removed and are unable to be uploaded again. So I guess this means it doesn’t matter if you spend hours creating a course – if it doesn’t garner enough popularity to stay up, it might be automatically pulled down from the Wii U game’s server.



  1. That’s probably the worst thing Nintendo could do to level creators. There are great levels that just don’t get popular because they aren’t eye-catching, and this confirms that any level that isn’t lucky enough to get popular mine as well not exist according to whoever came up with this idea.

      1. Your comment is exactly the reason why, I don’t play Super Mario Maker. I get sick of seeing Youtubers who have the top spot in Super Mario Maker and some of the levels these Youtubers make are complete rubbish!

      2. I guess nobody told you – all levels from pre release were on pre-release servers and don’t exist in the current game. I wont disagree that Youtubers get a disproportionate amount of stars, but those levels were not created pre-release.

      1. I thought the same, but it actually won’t let you. Any course that’s been marked as deleted cannot be changed or renamed and then uploaded again. Happened to me a few weeks ago, actually. I had to go back to my v1.0 level (my checkpoint update was what was deleted), recreate the changes I had made, and then resave/reupload it.

  2. Hasn’t this been known for awhile now?

    I’ve already had 2 courses removed from the server. One was an underwater bullet hell. The other was, strangely, a course I never uploaded- hell, I never even FINISHED building it, but now I can’t even try to get it online.

  3. About five of mine got deleted, but I did get a message about it when I checked on my courses in course world. I was able to re-upload with no problem after that.

  4. kinda makes sense i mean… how many levels do you really think the servers can hold. theyve got to make room for new levels. its a drag that they werent more popular but if anything it just keeps the content constantly flowing. dont get butt hurt. create for creative sake, not for popularity

    1. They would have known that Mario Maker would last for years, they wouldn’t cap their server at say 10 million levels or something. These are 2D Mario Levels, each one is such a small file size that MAYBE 100 million wouldn’t work. But then they could bring in a 2nd server. This is Nintendo being batshit crazy AGAIN.

      1. But I bet 99% of the removed levels are those crappy ‘nothing at all happening, just walk to the end of the level’ or ‘see, I can place 798 monsters, including a few winged Bowsers’, around the player!

  5. it makes sense but it should be based on how long a level hasn’t been popular, maybe a week or two would suffice and justify deleting without telling their creators

  6. lol incoming drama queens that will take this matter out of proportion on something as small as this XD and i cant a couple of users here right out the bat who will XD

  7. No way Kimishima would think like this….This is literally butchering peoples creativity. I understand that 99% of levels really should never have been uploaded cause they fucking suck lol. But instead of deleting them, they should implement a system that PREVENTS shitty maps from being uploaded, which encourages people to get creative and make better maps. Deleting some kids level that took him hours to make is a dick move. Don’t you remember Nintendo? YOU WANT THE KIDS. lol.

    1. Except you can’t.

      That’s something that would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible to code for. Trying to implement something like that also would definitely catch levels that don’t “suck” in the dragnet, cause, like internet filters, there’s no way to make it work as it should 100% of the time.

      1. No, it’s not impossible. It’s quite easy actually! Here:

        If level.suck() == true

      1. cept coding doesnet work that way…you would still need a complicated code dictating what does and doesent suck codes cant just decide that on there own its science not magic…go back to school kid

        1. Wow, thanks, I had no fucking idea programming did not work like that. Not like I’m an electrical engineer, and have been studying it myself. Kid.

  8. I mean, I get why they delete these levels after some time, but I swear to god, if they delete my Grannykoopa’s Haunted Basement, Grampykoopa’s Spooky Attic, or At the Koopa Kousins’ Karnival levels… those all took me 6 hours to make. Each.

    1. Those levels sounds… interesting. Do you have the IDs for them? Or better yet, a link to your profile would be better, so I can just bookmark them for later use!

      1. Sure, sorry it took so long to get back on it.

        Grannykoopa’s Haunted Basement: 5335-0000-0072-3791

        Its “sequel” Grampykoopa’s Spooky Attic:

        At the Koopa Troupa Karnival:

        Also check out my other levels if you wish- I have 20 now and believe that most will be worth anyone’s time.

  9. Huh. Didn’t expect this from Nintendo, but maybe their servers are more limited than most others that house much larger level creators? They should at least give a warning or something though, or the option to take it down before they do.

    1. I should also add that I was told. And that also the game tells you upfront that it might do that, and I believe they make you agree before you can upload it, so no-one can really complain.

  10. >>>This was known since the beginning so how about informing yourselves before crying as usual?>>>

      1. >>>Go back to your primitive sexual rituals human and await your certain deletion from existence>>>

  11. In my short time of playing this game, I played some pretty stupid courses that people created. Some that were so easy that they weren’t even courses. They practically start right at the flagpole. Also, many that are so hard that they’re not even worth trying to play. So I can understand some of them being deleted.

    1. Those levels really suck. I do, however, enjoy hard courses that take some skill! Yesterday, I probably uses 40-70 tries on one level before making it to the end, and I was SO happy once I reached it!

        1. I’ve bookemarked them all, but I can’t promise I have the patience to clear more than one at a time… Hard levels are fun, but indeed frustrating when I keep fucking up!

  12. There could be some great levels being deleted that are having a hard time getting popularity due to the sheer amount of levels being uploaded. Not sure if I like this policy.

  13. >>>Until High Command changes this system if ever, how about all of us in MNN each set up 3 of our favourite levels made and I’ll ask Ambassador Sickr if he can create a thread based on our creations and their codes and that way we like each other’s levels and gain more popularity faster than usual so that our levels have a good chance to gain more by others worldwide?>>>

    1. I could totally get on board with that. I don’t usually like ‘begging’ for stars, but it gets depressing having your courses played and not starred. I’ve been stuck at 48 stars now for almost a month. Drives me bonkers.

  14. I’ve had two levels deleted. Both just because they wasn’t played very much, not because of lack of stars/winners. One of them wasn’t THAT great, so I was okay with it.

    The other one, however, I really wanted to have the. So I fixed the level, repkaced parts I thought needed replacement, etc., and… I couldn’t re-upload it… So what I had to do was: Take photos/make a video about every part of the level, and then re-create it. I then uploaded it, and got a few stars quite fast.

  15. Actually this is a disclaimer that is given to you when you upload courses
    They say that if your course isn’t very popular it will be deleted
    This is done to avoid the MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of garbage courses uploaded

  16. Logical appraoch from nintendo, no need to overload the server with millions bullshitty levels, on the other hand i dont give a crap about this game, worst mario game IMO :)… if it was developed let us say in early or mid 2000 then that shit would be the shit, however in 2015/2016 no fucking thanks, too late

    1. Agreed. I can understand not being able to straight re-upload, but if you go in and edit it they shouldn’t be able to block you from trying again. That’s bull.

  17. This is why i’m not playing Mario maker anymore, i play Xenoblade Chronicles X alot. Fuck Maker. My course doesn’t get stars. i have to create an Wii U account to get 1 Star so other people can see my course. Fuck it i’m selling this game on March and get Pokken Tournament

  18. Think about when Nintendo stops supporting the servers altogether. “Mario Maker” will just be a collection of your friends levels, saved to your hard-drive and “Splatoon” will be even worse. At least “Smash” and “Kart” will have strong, local multiplayer to support them. I honestly can’t see Nintendo supporting the servers for very long once the NX is out.

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  19. While I have yet to get Mario Maker, I feel they should take down levels that ghve been up for a certain amount of time instead of basing it on how popular a level is. That’ll ensure that new stuff is always getting the chance to shine. When people know their levels won’t be popular forever it’ll force them to make something different, or at least post sparingly (?).

  20. It’s not always just shitty courses that get taken down. There were a couple of tough courses I worked hard on to build, and it took me so long to complete it to publish them, and those got taken down too.

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