Game Trailers: Top Ten Games In 2016 That Might Suck

Twenty Sixteen is looking like a bumper year for gamers, but of course there are going to be a few games that don’t quite live up to our high expectations. Game Trailers have put together a list of games that they believe might not live up to expectation and these include the delayed Star Fox Zero along with other big names such as Quantum Break for Xbox One and also Mighty No.9 which is coming to a variety of formats.

10. Star Fox Zero
9. Quantum Break
8. Mighty No. 9
7. The Division
6. Hitman
5. No Man’s Sky
4. Star Citizen
3. Ghost Recon: Wildlands
2. Mafia III
1. Battleborn

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  1. While most of the games on that list look just fine to me, with the potential of being pretty good, they are two that I can definitely see going down hill:

    Starfox Zero – From what we’ve seen, it really doesn’t look like that great of a game (imho). Just like the video said the visuals are pretty unimpressive for a supposedly “big” title (partly because of the Wii U’s horsepower as well). It looks more like Star Fox 64 Remastered with extra gimmicks.

    Mighty No. 9 – Judging from the gameplay trailer, it looks like a low budget indie game. The 3D character models, especially for Beck, look quite ugly. I expected it to look much better for a game that’s supposed to be the (spiritual) successor of Megaman.

      1. And that’s why I said “partly”. It is possible to achieve good visuals with limited hardware, but Star Fox doesn’t seem to achieving that from what I saw. And yes, sadly the Wii U gamepad holds back the performance of a number of games.
        There’s no getting around it, if the Wii U was indeed stronger, most games would definitely look better than they should have.

        1. Why are graphics the number 1 priority with everyone!? It’s so annoying. There are other things to be worried about with this game and visuals should be the least!

          1. Visuals add appeal to the game. No matter how you look at it, having good graphics really makes the game more immersive, atmospheric and overall pleasing to look at at. Obviously if you played a game that looked ugly but played “good”, you’ll say it would have been better with better graphics/visuals (not speaking for everyone of course).

            1. >>>When the game has no challenge then graphics are useless, I could just watch a movie instead>>>

            2. if I go by your argument, why then retro games have still a lot of sucess. Why a game like final fantasy 1 has been remastered more than one time? same goes for zelda games and mario games from nes to n64? I think this is why people like nintendo, no cause of the graphics but more for the challenges and content of the game.

              1. Because: 1) those games bring back a lot of nostalgia for many gamers from the early days of gaming. 2) The artwork and graphics of those games age well, and still hold that fine ‘Retro Aesthetic’. 3) Gameplay of those games do hold up well, even to today’s standards.
                Let’s take Shovel Knight for example. The retro art-style is done very well AND brings back good ol’ retro nostalgia. Minimum graphics, yet great art style. And let’s not forget it’s also a really good game (gameplay-wise).

                Did you read my comment above by any chance? Because this actually justifies my earlier comment where I mention “It is possible to achieve good visuals with limited hardware”. I do see your point, of course, but art-style and graphics aren’t something in a game you can just ignore, as it is the first thing you see.

                1. yes I did read you comment but in the same sentence it seems for me that graphics is everything for you and you won’t buy the game cause the graphics are not very good (in your eyes). You make it like does not matter if the gameplay is fantastic and platinium deliver an awsome game.

                  Personally I am not fan of starfox and don’t give a monkey cause never have been a fan. However if the game is good and intersting in term of game play and replay I may give a go cause I will be silly not to.

                  1. Well, you’ve honestly misunderstood me quite a bit, so I’ll just say ‘no’ to that absurd statement that I favor graphics like it’s my life. Whether it’s graphics, gameplay, soundtrack or story, all of it is important and key to making a great game. If a game lacks proper graphics when it can do better, you should not ignore it and defend it with the “Graphics means nothing, Gameplay is everything” logic. Nothing is wrong with being critical, as long as it is reasonably justified.

                    The reason I made my comment about Star Fox Zero is because it looked worst than I expected, especially for something as big as Star Fox. Unimpressive visuals/art-style, looks like the same ol’ gameplay of Star Fox 64, and the new features are nothing to get excited about. I think I’m being fairly critical there.

  2. Read this list, scoffed at it, then read that the new hitman is going to be released episodically.

    Oh lord. Please don’t be the right on anything else GT.

  3. Every game that we hype up of course might not live up to expectations… But interpreting that as “might suck” is a bit over the top.

  4. Yeah star fox and might no. 9 and no man’s sky look to be lackluster and for the division it is up in the air and u know which games won’t such the crossover for the wii u and final fantasy 15 for the ps4 and scale bound for the xbone

  5. As soon as they completely disregarded Star Fox Assault, this video lost credibility with me. Assault was a great Star Fox game and a worthy successor to SF64.

  6. I think Starfox Zero will be very good. I loved Starfox 64 to death, and this is just what I wanted. It’s similar but not exactly the same. It’s in the same planets but different parts, new bosses, new mechanics, new/updated story. Same elements as Starfox 64 but very much not the same game. Definitely not a Starfox 64 HD. I do however for Starfox NX, want them to go away from 64 and make something entirely new.

  7. Ha thx for sharing this. I think its an interesting list. Normally the big sites always go for hyping the big titles up as hard as they can so I find it refreshing to see some suspicion towards upcoming games.

    Regarding Star Fox I think the suspicion is not without reason. The game was delayed again and again and the last footage wasnt blowing anyone away. Personally I think the game will be fun to play but graphically underwhelming. Sure I hope I am wrong about the last part but they would have put some serious work into the graphic department. Still looking forward to it though.

    And oh boy that list showed me I dont have a lot of interest in most shooters these days. When Division popped up for a second I thought it was Quantum Break again. All these games going for a realistic style seem to achieving it because they all look the same <.<

    Imo Uncharted 4 should also be on that list because it will probably be like its predecessors which means it will be a cool movie but a boring ass game :P

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