Rumour: Nintendo NX To Interact With PlayStation 4, Smartphones & PC

Macquarie Research Japan senior analyst David Gibson has hinted that the forthcoming Nintendo NX platform will be able to interact with devices such as the popular PlayStation 4, smartphones and PC’s. Interestingly, his comments came around the same time as the company raised their rating for Nintendo’s financial performance. This saw share prices rocket by 9.07 percent. Development firm Square Enix has already shown interest in the NX platform with games such as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. What this move could allow is cross-platform play with other platforms similar to what Sony allows with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the PC and PlayStation 4. The move could help encourage more third party developers to develop for the platform which should be a massive step up from what we’ve come to expect from the Nintendo Network.

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  1. The day Nintendo actually confirm any of these rumours will be the day I’m interested. This in particular sounds fantasy land – or perhaps the “interaction” is just very basic indeed. I mean technically the Wii U “interacts” with smartphones and PCs already. For example, if I make a post on Miiverse, I can read it on PC and Smartphone (and even PS4 and Xbox One!). I can also do things like see if any of my friends are online using the Splatoon web app thing, and search for courses to try later on Super Mario Maker.

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    1. We may see SFV on the NX, and that is a damn good possibility in the future when it comes to any multi platform game! We may actually see Nintendo vs Playstation competitions, fanboys are gonna eat that crap up like blue berry pancakes lol;D


      1. There is an “exclusivity deal” between Sony and Capcom, if I’m not wrong. Some people said that Sony partially funded the game, so sadly SFV is not going to hit any console other than the PS4.

        (I remember it’s said to be on Steam, though.)

        If true, any kind of interaction will be like “oh, cool, I can open my My Nintendo account on the browser of my PS4 — or even on my Xbox One –, and on my Android/iOS device.

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      2. I’m hyped about SFV.

        Man, I remember when I first plugged the SNES cartridge and begun to fight… Oh, my. I also have memories of a lot of friends coming to my place to play the local multiplayer… And they used to say: “boy, the SNES is able to play exactly the same game we see in arcades!”

        In fact, that was a superb achievement in that day and age.


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      3. My first experience with Street Fighter was when my friend took me to a little pizza place that had a bootlegged version called the Rainbow Edition. It was a pretty crazy hack, I specifically remember Zangief doing his spinning clothesline which would create a yoga flame that looked like it was coming out of his butt lol

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      4. I think you can find the rainbow edition on emulator sites, I haven’t thought about this in a long time lol, I might try to find a rom of it tonight. I remember you could fill the screen with tons of hadukens and sonic booms, it was pretty ridiculous but fun times lol

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  2. >>>I’m 50/50 on this, in one situation it disgusts me to no end because I don’t want Sonyan filth around me>>>

    >>>On the other situation, I can take my war and really destroy Sonyans in the battlefield>>>

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    1. YOU just better be glad that it’s Sony. And not that money hungry bitch Microsoft. If nintendo ever stop making consoles. The Playstation is where I’d run to.

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      1. >>>I’m not “glad” by any of them but I’ve always held the Sonyans in a somewhat less disgusting place than the ultimate disease Xbots>>>


      2. Good. Because in my opinion sony is just nintendo’s offspring that makes somewhat better choices then nintendo’s dumbass.

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      3. Money hungry? All companies are here to make money. Mean while windows 10 is free, and Nintendo wants to quadruple profits….sounds like Nintendo is money hungry. Not to mention all three companies work together behind closed doors


      1. >>>Of course, but that doesn’t distract me from the fact that the Sonyans are next unless they can prove they can purify themselves from their current corruption>>>


      1. >>>I’ve suggested it several times in the past as a temporary aliance, of course I want to get rid off them as well right after>>>


  3. IF true… Imagine if you could stream a PC game to your TV through the NX, as if the NX were like a portal to transmit PC gaming to a console type experience. That would very, very cool… I know it can be done now, but consoles have always been about convenience in gaming as well as it being more social. Yes a PC can be as convenient as one wants to make it for themselves, if they have the dough, but it is usually a singular experience, except for online play.

    Just as how the Apple TV and airplay make the streaming experience extremely easy, so could the NX if this rumor were to be true which is so speculative now it is a bit silly


  4. Hey guys who were arguing about the nx being compatible with ps4 and not xbone, the thing said “rival consoles SUCH AS ps4.” This could still mean xbone as well..


  5. At least the analyst isn’t an ANALyst like Michael Pachter. The rumor may sound reliable… but I’m raising my expectation level down 500%.


  6. It’s also possible it’ll come with VR helmets, can read your dreams, will pleasure owners sexually, and will cost a buck fifty.

    I will be infinitely happy once actual information of this things comes out just to shut people up with these damned rumors. That and outlets that are supposed to bring news can stop talking about NX rumors as if rumors were worthy of attention.

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  7. If Nintendo and Sony joined forces in the video game department, then that would be HUGE!

    I always wondered why they didn’t get together. Profitability-wise, both companies would make buckets of money.


  8. The thing about FF XIV is that it uses Square Enix’s own servers and everything else. It only uses the PS4 to run the game. They’re doing this now with Dragon Quest X with the Wii U and PC. So it’s not all that weird.

    Hopefully that means they’ll bring DQX to the PS4.


  9. Street fighter V is coming to PC, i will buying it on my GTX powered system, will never buy it on PS4 console the thing is copy cat of a PC all the releases it has the Sony system should have been called Sony PC4 console.

    This whole thing interact of NX with PS4 is totally dumb and there is no need of this crap, Nintendo need to understand go back in the 90’s when Nintendo asked Sony to make a cd rom drive for Super Nintendo and refused the deal, don’t trust this Sony they are clever people they will get Nintendo back and will fail again, seriously Nintendo stop making mistakes like Sega did with dreamcast.

    My personal favourite system right now is GTX 970 PC systems all of the consoles are just to basic compare to them and always arguing which is the best like little kids and PC is not world’s powerful system, it can do more.


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