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Sonic Brand Manager Teases Sonic Fans Once Again

We all know something big is brewing for Sonic fans this year as it’s the speedy blue hedgehog’s 25th anniversary. What SEGA is planning remains a mystery but that hasn’t stopped Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber from getting the fan-base hyped. Yes, he has planted a number of curious hashtags into a seemingly innocent post which you can read below. In case you missed it, here’s what he had to say yesterday.

Do you know what makes a good tease good? In our opinion, it’s layers. Just like biting into a nice seven-layer bean dip! A little bit here, another taste there. And in the end all the flavors come together. And you wind up eating half of it and then regretting your voraciousness later. So for those of you starving for a little news to consume about this year there’s still some time before anything will be revealed but if you can follow the breadcrumbs who knows what you might discover in the weeks to come?

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24 thoughts on “Sonic Brand Manager Teases Sonic Fans Once Again”

      1. Right. I’m not questing whether or not he left. He definitely left. I’m questioning whether or not he resumed the same job title when he returned. From what I understand, he returned with a different job.

        1. Just heard from Donnie from TSSZ who said the following about Aaron Webber’s current position within SEGA.

          “If it helps the readers who are commenting with confusion about what happened with Aaron I can answer that thanks to a podcast he and I were on last year.”

          “He didn’t really “leave”. He just took a break to do some charity work.”

    1. Denny’s is decent. Not the best but I would certainly pick them as my place of choice for breakfast compared to other places around here.

  1. Oh my god, these hints are making me so hungry…
    Now that I got that outta the way, I think there’s three possible things this could be leading too.

    1: It will be another Generations anniversary type of game.

    2: It’s gonna be another sequel of a Sonic game. (Like Colors 2, Unleashed 2, Adventure 3…)

    3: It’s gonna be something entirely new that we have no clue about.

    I’m not expecting an Adventure 3. But I’ll be pleased if the game is as good as Generations.

    Don’t screw up SEGA! We’re counting on you.

  2. The sad thing is it’s possible the new game will use the havok engine yet again because SEGA is on its last leg and probably can’t afford to use a brand new engine. They’ve been using it since 06 and Lost World even used it.

    1. How is Sega on their last leg? They’ve been steadily releasing games on mobile and PC and they’re still doing that.

  3. Follow the breadcrumbs… Sonic has had 2 Storybook games, Secret Rings and Black Knight, haven’t had one in over 7 years, photo was from Denny’s…

    It’s Sonic’s take on Hansel & Gretel “Sonic & the Children of the Candy Corn” fuck you.

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