SEGA Says: “If You’re A Fan Of The Classics, Stay Tuned”

Update: Looks as though it is this!

SEGA has been doing plenty of teasing lately and for good reason as they’re celebrating Sonic’s 25th anniversary this year. The company took to Facebook to tell fans that if you enjoy classic SEGA titles then tune in tomorrow for a new game announcement. Whether this is to do with Sonic’s 25th anniversary or a remix of their older titles remains to be seen. Sounds like an interesting development either way!




          1. Also, they put tons of effort into Unleashed. The graphics were beautiful, the Day Stages were awesome and the Hub Worlds were the best in the series. The Were hog was hit or miss, but I personally was fine with it. Unleashed is a solid game with a hell of a budget. It got undeservingly panned, when it deserved at least a solid “8”.

    1. >>>That’s the only thing I would ever buy from them again, well a Golden Axe 1-3 collection too>>>

  1. Stay tuned for another Sonic disaster game to further destroy everything you loved about the classics: Sonic 5; mobile exclusive and free with Microtransactions. Watch…

      1. …That’s it? Instead of doing something what the fans actually wanted for over 10 fucking years, we get what we already got since 1991. WEAK! No Sonic Rush 3 or Adventure 3. Just another Sega Genesis port that ALL CONSOLES already got.

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