NES Games Reimagined As Stylish Subway Maps

Talented DC-based graphic designer Matt Stevenson has taken some of the games he enjoyed playing the most on Nintendo platforms in his childhood and has drawn up the maps in the form of various metro systems around the world. As Mashable reports Stevenson has recreated Metroid as the DC Metro, The Legend of Zelda as the London Underground, Maniac Mansion as the Moscow Transit System, Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) as the Lisbon Subway, Zelda II as the Tokyo Transit System and Final Fantasy as the New York Subway. Check them out in the image gallery below or purchase here.

“The kids labeled nerds in the 1980s for loving comics, sci-fi, D&D, video games, etc. are now older, some with kids of their own. I’m designing pieces that reminds us all of the things we love, but are also minimalist/abstract enough to exist in our adult homes.”

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