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SteamWorld Heist Devs Say Game Has Been Even Bigger Success Than Predecessor

Ever since SteamWorld Heist was released last year on 3DS, Image & Form have been preparing behind the scenes to add new content for fans. The first update – which was planned to focus primarily on language translations – originally had a January release date. Unfortunately, Image and Form has had to back-peddle on the update due to time constraints, giving fans “new surprises” instead and adding much polish to appease for the slight delay.

Sales were not as complicated. The Swedish-based indie developer has stated sales were an even bigger success compared to its predecessor, with reviews and community feedback reflecting their hard work with much positivity. There was no word on the glorious HD Wii U version, however, though it is still targeted by the development team to launch this year. A snippet of their blog post is below, though can be viewed in full on Image & Form’s official website.

The first SteamWorld Heist update (containing the French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian translations) was originally planned for release on Nintendo 3DS this month. Time constraints have pushed this forward a bit.

We’re working hard to ensure it’s downright excellent and expect to have the update out before you know it. To make up for the delay we’re throwing in new surprises and lots of polish. Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “SteamWorld Heist Devs Say Game Has Been Even Bigger Success Than Predecessor”

    1. Agreed. I skipped over Steamworld Heist because I despised the direction they went with the game. It’s likely we won’t get another Steamworld Dig now though.

  1. Heist is fucking amazing. Glad it’s doing well.
    The story is fun,
    The music is fantastic (the bar songs and boss-end songs)
    The gameplay is so much more fun that Nintendo’s codename Steam.
    Kudos to the devs!

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