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Get 55% Off Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden On Amazon US

The 3DS Dragon Ball Z fighting game, Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, is now 55% off on the Amazon US website. You can purchase it for just $13.54, saving $16.46 off the original price. The title features over 100 characters and has online functionality, you can check out the original launch trailer below:

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12 thoughts on “Get 55% Off Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden On Amazon US”

  1. This game is so fun when fighting with friends but that’s pretty much it. There’s only local multiplayer. And very few characters to fight with. The story mode becomes very repetitive but the matches gets tougher. If it had online multiplayer and a variety of characters. It could had been a better dragon ball game. I guess the Z assist were good but I really never use them unless I need it to get an S rank.

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