Metacritic’s 6th Annual Game Publisher Rankings

Popular online review aggregation site Metacritic has published its 2016 Game Publisher Rankings. What’s especially interesting is that SEGA has overthrown Nintendo and has claimed the number one position. The company has also beaten the likes of EA and Activision Blizzard with the best reviewed titles according to Metascore published by critics.

Sega is the sole major publisher in this year’s rankings to finish the year with a “green” average Metascore indicating that, on average, its 2015 releases were approved by critics. The company ranked 5th among mid-sized publishers a year ago (it released fewer titles in 2014) and saw its average score increase by four points in this year’s results, even without any releases scoring 90 or higher. Before you get too excited about Sega’s success, note that half of its 2015 titles were new 3D re-releases of older games for the 3DS platform. The publisher released just one game for current-gen consoles: the middling, Sonic-influenced cartoonish platformer Tembo the Badass Elephant.

  1. SEGA
  2. Telltale Games
  3. Sony
  4. Activision Blizzard
  5. Devolver Digital
  6. Nintendo
  7. EA
  8. Bandai Namco
  9. Ubisoft


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  1. ~*How in the hell!? Oh that’s right! Sega owns Atlus now! That has to be it.*~

  2. If it wasn’t for Atlus, they’d be further down.

    But I still think Metacritic was on some serious crack if they put them in the number one spot.

    1. Atlus is not put together with Sega as the company publishes its own games.

      In fact , Sega was not first because put there but because the overall set of published games she had the best average.

    2. This isn’t a subjective ranking per se. The list is based on the quality of the games of those publishers, based on the review scores those titles have gotten in 2015.
      This ranking in particular is for publishers that have published 14 or more games during the year (there’s another one for smaller publishers). Games published by Sega have gotten the best scores on average, that’s why they took the top spot.
      It’s not because the people behind Metacritic think they were the best, but because reviewers all around the world have generally given their games the better scores.

      You can click on the highlighted “Game Publisher Rankings” in the article, it links you to Metacritic’s page where they thoroughly elaborate how exactly the ranking works and what the factors for determining the scores for the publishers are.

  3. SEGA put out a small amount of highly rated games. That is why they are at the top. Percentage-wise, they are the best publishers. Nintendo and other companies put out a LOT more games which means more chances to receive lesser scores and thus more chances to bring down their percentages.

    Not a huge deal. Props to SEGA for capitalizing on quality over quantity.

  4. Great to see Sega on top for once! Hopefully this means Sonic can get a good game, sounds like the team has slowed down the amount of games they do and focused more on them to get quality games. Congrats Sega!

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