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There Is A New Pokemon Shuffle Update

The latest Pokemon Shuffle update has added a new Mega Pokemon. There is a battle that you can engage in to defeat Mega Abomasnow. It is timed and you only have one minute and ten seconds to win. Mega Abomasnow will be available for only seven days. The event ends on February 16th and you have to rank in the top 19,000 if you wish to obtain the new Mega Stone.

The update brings back Mega Diancie too. The Pokemon had been released in the past, but its Mega Stone was not available until now. It comes with an escalation battle. If you reach rank 50 in the battle, you will recieve the Diancite stone.

It takes 13 Icons to Mega Evolve Abomasnow and 19 matches is required to make if you want to Mega Evolve Diancie.


3 thoughts on “There Is A New Pokemon Shuffle Update”

  1. I’ve actually sunk several hours into this game. It’s not all bad, except the game only gives you so many credits to play with, and when you run out you have to wait awhile before you can play again. In other words, a paywall, which eventually drove me away from the game.

    1. The insane escalating difficulty is what drove me away. I’m all for challenge, but by the mid 200s you NEED items just to win battles, and a ton of them if you want to have any hope of capturing the Pokemon. Having to grind for experience and cash to buy items in-game with such a limited play window gets…well…boring. At this point I only jump on during the weekends to hit the XP and coin battles to save up so I can go in guns blazing with Mega Starts, Disruption Delays, Attack Power Ups and -1 Conplexities just to get through normal matches. Kind of lost the appeal. I get why it’s that way, but at this point so would rather have paid for the game and gotten a fair balanced experience over the ‘you know, you can always buy some jewels’ approach.

      Still, after over 100 hours, it was fun. Just not so much any more.

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