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Nintendo’s Share Value Has Dropped Over 17% In One Week

Nintendo’s share value has dropped over 17.4 percent in one week. It is the fallout from a worldwide stock market decline that has prompted some media outlets to declare panic and turmoil. The European and North American stock markets seemed to kickstart the decline and Japan’s Nikkei soon suffered from it.

Nintendo receives 75 percent of its revenue from abroad. The strengthening of the Yen against the dollar has only served to exaggerate the problem for companies like Nintendo that rely heavily on exports. The combination of the market decline and Nintendo’s reliance on exports provided the means for a double whammy effect that impacted Nintendo’s stocks the day the decline started. On that day, it lost 8.8 percent. It lost another 5.5 percent today for a grand total of 17.4 percent lost in four days.

It is a decline that is out of Nintendo’s control. The hope is for things to stabilize soon.

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24 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Share Value Has Dropped Over 17% In One Week”

  1. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Nintendo is in this weird stagnant stage that’s very annoying. They can have all the money aside for whatever, its not going to help them if they become irrelevant though.

  2. Should we be surprised? Other then their games which are top tier quality, Nintendo is failing across the board as a company in literally every other category possible. Until Nintendo grows a pair of balls and quits being old aged Japanese men who have Alzheimer’s and remember what truly is important to them they will continue to fail.

      1. I’m not talking money wise. I’m talking about them doing stupid shit and not knowing their own direction to go with the business, they are all over the map, every week they are pissing off their loyal fans and doing stupid business decisions like going mobile and what not.

    1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

      -||Did you suddenly go rogue? You have always been one of the most top defenders of the Empire on this base and now this?||-

  3. Most Japanese companies are old fashioned in general. They believe in traditions. And whatever that may mean according to themselves. But Nintendo aren’t as retarded as people in the west assume. For an example, the mobile gaming market is huge, especially in Japan. But it’s not necessary the same people as “actual gamers”. There will always be a hardcore market and a casual one. Nintendo focused too much on the casual one and failed with the Wii U because of it. Not news exactly. Also the name sucked shit and the idea was confusing for the average consumer.

    The 3DS did well however, because the games were/are really good and there was something for everybody. Like I said they couldn’t have done much better. Quickly dropping the price and making better models was genius. The popularity has dropped a little but that’s mostly because more people who want one already owns one or two 3DS’es already.

    We can only hope they get a new audience again through mobiles and hopefully those people will realize the “real” experience is on their consoles and go and buy one. Both adults and families. Couldn’t get better advertisement. But they are gonna have to do better than MiiTomo. Or whatever they called it. It’s a social app, not a game. Hardly any kids are gonna give a shit about those ugly Miis. Neither do I. I only make ones that look ugly because I’m not satisfied with the options and colours.

  4. well my guess is that nintendo is gonna drop 13.7% in there weekend values because some developers are trying there best to keep the sells more stable.

  5. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

    So not fucking fair how Quadrabitch gets full lame ass name spelled out. I’m gonna nuke this bitch.

  6. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ Chains of Lucifer X3 ~*Or fall forever!*~

    ~*Ouch. Good thing they have a ton of money to ride the storm. But that money, although a ton, is not infinite. It’s bound to run out sooner or later if we have too many Wii U debacles. Money is good & all but what really keeps a company afloat is their reputation. If it’s a bad rep, the money they have can only keep them around for so long. Hopefully the NX is everything Wii U is not.*~

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