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Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Available

You might want to switch on your Nintendo 3DS if you haven’t already done so as there’s currently a new firmware update available for Nintendo’s current handheld platform. The latest version is 10.6.0-31. Patch notes aren’t available at present but it’s likely that this could be yet another stability update. However, we won’t know for sure until the patch notes go live.


16 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Available”

      1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

        Nintendo’s stability requirements rivals that of NASA. And yes, it will never be stable enough.

        On a side note; Code efficiency greatly affects battery life. To all you early adopters, does the original3DS battery life seem significantly longer? A lot of people were upset moving from the 19 hour DS to the 4 hour 3ds.
        It seems a little longer to me. Again, I play my 3DS less often than my Wii U.

  1. Omg… Is anyone else playing Fire Emblem Conquest?? Fuck me. It’s hard. Birthright should be much easier after I pull this shit off! Lol.

    Fun though, so goddamn fun. I love the challenge of playing the same level over and over for two days, then by skill and luck barely beating it and knowing you couldn’t grind for experience like you can in Birthright.


    1. Nothing against Birthright gamers! I’ll be there after this in a few months! Then on to Revelation!
      Which reminds me, I have an email I want to submit to this site I got from Nintendo.
      My Revelations DLC code I bought from Amazon? It said it was available, released the code to me, but the game cannot accept the code until March. It makes it look like your code is an error, Amazon couldn’t explain it, Nintendo had to escalate it, telling me the code was valid and should work… A few days later, Nintendo sent me an email confirming the codes are actually useless until the March delivery… Quite a bummer for those buying them from Amazon under the pretense of “Available.”

      Also. The Prime 20% discount does NOT apply to digital games… The website said they did, so I got a one-time discount, but if you read the terms and service, in fine print, it says the Amazon Prime 20% off is on physical pre-orders only.

      I’ll try to get my email and submit if you think this is article worthy!

      1. Wow, 17??!!? Nice! I’m only on Chapter 9, playing on Classic, Hard. It’s rough for sure, but rewarding.

        I don’t know what Lunatic mode will be like. I think people will have to die in Lunatic mode. XD

        I can’t forget about Xenoblade though. Definitly booked up with games for a while!

    2. As Awakening is the only other game I’ve played in the series, I think I’ll start with Birthright, and follow up with Conquest.

      I need a release date for Europe first, though.

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