Nintendo Is Blocking Mario Kart Hack Videos On YouTube

It looks like Nintendo has begun blocking Mario Kart hack videos on YouTube. The publisher has already blocked nearly 30 videos on the MrBean35000vr channel, which created a series of Mario Kart 8 Hacks videos. One such video that is still up can be seen below, where Luigi is shown exploring Neo Bowser City while riding along a seemingly invisible track.




    1. Except these does not.
      Read the little pamphlet that is with your retail games you purchase, or if you fancy digital dowloads, you should find the EULA within the software..


    1. Exactly, not to mention bethesda mods. when most other companys have non harmful hacks, the devs are cool with it or even support it due to it only having good results for them, in nintendo’s case NO WE MUST PROTECT COPYRIGHT! *Headesk*


      1. I lost my copy of that movie and really need to get another. I was so glad to see Bane’s character legitimized after the fucking bastardization of Bane in Batman & Robin with George Clooney. Ugh… Even Adam West batman movie and tv shows were better than that shit!

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  1. Which is stupid, because MrBean35000vr, clearly stated that he will not release the hack. Besides, it’s just harmless fun, on his behalf. Get your shit together Nintendo. MrBean35000vr, is a well known and respected hacker, because he never hacks to win, he does it for fun, like in Mario Kart Wii, such as his Invisible Character Hack.

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  2. People might as well give up on Youtube. it’s become one giant den for corporations to bully the small guys. Youtube? Hah! More like Corporatube!


  3. Who the hell cares as long as he is not disrupting anyone else’s experience?

    You wanna hack a single player game or mode? Fine, more power to you. But you bring hacks into multiplayer games, that’s when you cross a line. Like the Splatoon hacker who caused people’s saves to be locked up, that’s a good example. Or those people who got infinite blue shells in MK Wii online races, those people can fuck off.

    Don’t bring your cheats into multiplayer and I have no problem with you.

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  4. I am so sick of nintendo’s copyright bullshit, it frustrates me because I still love their games, the NX if the rumours of it being a hybrid are true sound amazing but for fucks sake i’m considering just buying their stuff second hand or not at all if this shit keeps up, they are just downright bullying their own fans at this point and for what?, all they’ve done is alienate them and in the case of lets plays and review takedowns got rid of valuable free marketing, seriously a bunch of hack videos? as long as it’s not online hacks who the fuck cares, let people do what they want with their own copies of the game, this also reinforces my theory that they are responsible for the takedown of project m when any other company would be proud of their fans and happy they are keeping one of their games alive(not to mention Sakurai’s ego on the matter no matter how much I respect him).
    What really scares me is how barely anyone seems to give a shit, when the other companys do this people go off on them for ages but with nintendo there was a small outcry and now mostly silence.

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