Nintendo announced today that a Pokémon Direct broadcast will air at 4pm CET/7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET, Friday 26th (3pm for viewers in the UK) containing the latest on Pokémon games.

To tune in, check out Twitch or the Nintendo Direct website at 16:00 CET on 26th February (15:00 UK time), where the broadcast will be streamed.

Source: PR




  1. I got really nervous for a sec because the first paragraph said it was going to air in November. I was like “I gotta wait that long?!” Then I kept reading and realized they just made a typo, they meant February XD.


  2. Pretty sure the last pokemon exclusive direct was with the announcement of X and Y, which happened in the January of the same year it came out. After that pokemon “niji” news the other day, I would say that this can be none other than an announcement for the new game.


  3. Something I think would be nice in the next general direct would be a joke making fun of the fact that Nintendo has been so silent the past few months. A nod to the fans that “hey, we know haven’t kept you in the loop and thus caused a lot of confusion, angst, and rumors.” Perhaps a skit where one of the staffers went “dark” like an undercover agent or something. Nothing huge, as I obviously want a lot of info on the coming year, but just a little nod. But if they don’t, no biggie. Not the end of the world by any means.

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  4. Unless they plan on announcing a new mainline Pokemon game, remake or brand new entry, I expect no surprises whatsoever from this Pokemon Direct. So I’m going in with no hype & I’ll expect it to be bad. So if it is bad, I won’t be disappointed. Hopefully it won’t be like E3 2015, though, where I was still disappointed because it was actually worse than bad.


  5. Based on the rumor that there is a new generation of Pokemon coming out for the 2016 holiday, they might be revealing that.

    Anybody else hope that they start releasing ALL the old Pokemon games on virtual console? I mean, obviously they won’t, that’d be too good to be true, but deep down I would love that. Esp since I’ve never played the original versions of GSC and RSE. Since those games have remakes available I highly doubt they’d release the originals, but it would be awesome if they did.


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