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Pokemon Direct Coming On February 26th

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Nintendo announced today that a Pokémon Direct broadcast will air at 4pm CET/7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET, Friday 26th (3pm for viewers in the UK) containing the latest on Pokémon games.

To tune in, check out Twitch or the Nintendo Direct website at 16:00 CET on 26th February (15:00 UK time), where the broadcast will be streamed.

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63 thoughts on “Pokemon Direct Coming On February 26th”

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        -||When High Command calls, you need to stand up and listen, well its most loyal servants anyway||-

  1. I got really nervous for a sec because the first paragraph said it was going to air in November. I was like “I gotta wait that long?!” Then I kept reading and realized they just made a typo, they meant February XD.

    1. The Pokemon twitter considers it as”big news” so I doubt it would just be a “Here’s a reminder that tomorrow is the 20th anniversary that we’ve been talking about for ages now”

        1. Nope, they never referred to the announcement of Picross as big news. However they did back in 2013 when they were announcing the direct that would end up announcing X and Y.

  2. Any news on a general direct? This is nice for Pokemon fans, but it’s probably just one game, two if they announce a new one AND talk about Pokken. It’s been so long since a general direct.

        1. You could always see it the other way around: the next Direct is going to have so much content that they felt the need of separating Pokémon announcements from the main thing.

          I mean, not that I believe that’s what’s going on here, but it’s not impossible either.

          1. Sadly, that’s what we thought about E3 last year when Smash got a direct before E3. :/ Boy how wrong most of us all ended up being!

    1. It’ll probably be news on Pokemon Go, Pokken, the Red/Blue/Yellow/ VC versions, Those Pokemon Aniversary N3DS’s, Those see-through Pokemon 2DS’s, that Pokemon Movie, and maybe (as you said) a new generation. Great for pokemon fans thats for sure.

        1. Oh I get you, I myself am only interested in Pokemon Blue and PokemonGo, but its fascinating how TPC treats their anniversaries compared to Nintendo themselves. It seems like TPC is pulling all the stops, which is why I have been very interested on hew theyve been handling it. Which is why im a little more up to date with it lol.

            1. Fair enough, the reason I expect more love from Nintendo is because of how over protective they are with their IP’s. They protect them to no end but when it comes to their anniversaries, if its not Mario, it gets pretty much ignored.

      1. Unless there is a new game there’s no point having a Direct. Not sure why people still care about Go. It’s obviously a marketing trick to get people who claim they “grew out of” Pokémon to go get a 3DS.

  3. Pretty sure the last pokemon exclusive direct was with the announcement of X and Y, which happened in the January of the same year it came out. After that pokemon “niji” news the other day, I would say that this can be none other than an announcement for the new game.

  4. Something I think would be nice in the next general direct would be a joke making fun of the fact that Nintendo has been so silent the past few months. A nod to the fans that “hey, we know haven’t kept you in the loop and thus caused a lot of confusion, angst, and rumors.” Perhaps a skit where one of the staffers went “dark” like an undercover agent or something. Nothing huge, as I obviously want a lot of info on the coming year, but just a little nod. But if they don’t, no biggie. Not the end of the world by any means.

  5. Unless they plan on announcing a new mainline Pokemon game, remake or brand new entry, I expect no surprises whatsoever from this Pokemon Direct. So I’m going in with no hype & I’ll expect it to be bad. So if it is bad, I won’t be disappointed. Hopefully it won’t be like E3 2015, though, where I was still disappointed because it was actually worse than bad.

      1. And we can finally play a Metroid game without all of the dark, solo atmosphere… And we finally don’t have to worry about realistic bodies… /s

        1. LOL

          I will say this though, I really enjoyed the Nintendo World Championship, that was actually my favorite part of anything that came out of E3 even though it was more like a pre-event. I really hope they do it every year. ^^

  6. Based on the rumor that there is a new generation of Pokemon coming out for the 2016 holiday, they might be revealing that.

    Anybody else hope that they start releasing ALL the old Pokemon games on virtual console? I mean, obviously they won’t, that’d be too good to be true, but deep down I would love that. Esp since I’ve never played the original versions of GSC and RSE. Since those games have remakes available I highly doubt they’d release the originals, but it would be awesome if they did.

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