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Nintendo Of America Registered Domain Name Pokemon-Sunmoon Today

We all got fairly excited earlier when we found out that the next Pokemon game is expected to be Pokemon Sun and Moon. The news came about when two European trademark filings were found. Now we’ve learnt via Reddit that Nintendo has now registered the domain which redirects to the official Pokemon website. No doubt the actual site will go live tomorrow after the Pokemon Direct.


Thanks, Pokecavern

53 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Registered Domain Name Pokemon-Sunmoon Today”

  1. Well, this brings down the excitement level for the direct tend-fold. I wish this had stayed a secret. Heck, there was only one day left. One day! Sigh.

    1. You know nothing about the games other than their logos. You don’t know new pokemon designs, the new region, anything other than a title. Seems a little silly to have something that minor.

      1. You do have a point, but no matter how small a spoiler, it’s a spoiler because it spoils the affect it would have had if you didn’t know about it until you were ~supposed~ to know about it. I don’t know, regardless of the new pokemon designs, if any, or what the region is like, the title being revealed before the direct means that when they reveal the title during the direct tomorrow, I’ll be like, ‘yup, I already knew that, thanks for confirming, what’s next?’. It loses a bit of it’s edge. Now instead of me expecting the unexpected, like it would have been since everyone was screaming Pokemon Z everywhere, it loses the element of surprise.

  2. Gen 7 confirmed. I wish I could say I was spoiled but other then the names I knew Gen 7 was coming this year for awhile now lol. It wasn’t hard to see. I never thought Pokémon Z would happen cause it’s fucking pointless.

  3. Definitely beats Rainbow. I wish the series would return to the Soulsilver/Heartgold roots and let your first party Pokemon walk behind you. Little things like that made that game Golden.

      1. You mean that ONE time out of all the others times? Pokemon X and Y, Smash Bros with Ryu and Roy, even Splatoon updates. If Nintendo was a bank, I wouldn’t even trust them with one cent.

    1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

      -||Or maybe blame the Pokemon Company since its their creation for begin with||-

  4. As a person who has never played/will never play Pokemon, I am wondering why people are so worried about the name of the new games. Why does it matter if it is Z or Rainbow or all that? Does the name determine something?

        1. A new Pokemon generation usually brings about 100 new pokemon, additions and adjustments to the core battle mechanics (all but 5th gen have done this), lots of new moves, held items (like equipment for pokemon with varying effects) and abilities and often secondary mechanics unique to that gen like how gen 3 allowed you to build and decorate secret bases.

          With all these additions pokemon has really grown in complexity with the years, unfortunately that doesn’t matter that much in the single player since it’s so easy

          1. I wish these mechanics were more obvious in the games, then again it would be more difficult to cater to the casual crowd. I would really like some strategy especially when facing gym leaders.

        2. Generation is a term used to differentiate one order from the next. I don’t think there’s much in the way of a particular theme when these games are made, but the idea of the color or code name (blue/red, sun/moon) is just to get people to go with one they feel suits them.

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  6. well maybe the Pokemon franchise will be even better because Pokemon Sun and Moon might get another 3D element develop from Pokemon X & Y yeah and i hope this new generation might be able to get amiibo support in the future or maybe on the NX console if nintendo get a chance to give us details about it.

  7. All these people losing hype over solely the titles? I’m even MORE hyped with it possibly being a Gen 7 game! Loads
    more pokemon, new mechanics and a new region, all completely up in the air as to what that could result in? I’m get more stoked the more I think about it!

  8. Yeah was kinda spoiled now, yeah the names aren’t really the best, but this is what’s important:


    I literally have not played a Pokemon game since Red, (Yes, I can assure you, that says Red,) so this has me pretty hyped up with my birthday coming next month. As long as it’s not FUCKING PAY TO PLAY FUCKING PICROSS.

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