3DS Nintendo

Japanese SNES New 3DS Virtual Console Trailers

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, fans were given a reason to pick up the New 3DS: nostalgia! The updated handheld will be getting Virtual Console releases of all of your favorite SNES games, which in Japan includes Super Mario World, F-Zero, Mother 2, Donkey Kong Country, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. You can see the trailer of each of the aforementioned games below.




    1. Nintendo needs to get their shit together with their purchase system. My purchases should be saved to an account that spans every platform, and VC games should be downloadable across any platform.
      Also, SNES games restricted to just New 3DS? That is bullshit. My original aqua blue 3DS that I bought for $250 dollars can run them as evidenced by ambassador GBA titles.
      I’m not wasting my money on a New 3DS, especially since I have no easy way to transfer my 3DS games from my old one to the new one due to stupidly-implimented purchasing system.


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