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Video: “Head Back into Twilight”–Twilight Princess HD UK Accolades Trailer

Are you ready to return to the darkness? Well many people in the UK are. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD was the best selling game for the region last week, beating out big titles such as Far Cry Primal. If you haven’t had the honor of playing the game, the accolades trailer below does a decent job of showing why it’s well worth your time, with rave reviews from Eurogamer, GameReactor, and more. Our review didn’t quite make the trailer but you can always read it, here.


2 thoughts on “Video: “Head Back into Twilight”–Twilight Princess HD UK Accolades Trailer”

  1. This game is really good, and its a huge improvement over the original! These trailers make the game look way worse it does, it looks super sharp and detailed when your actually playing it.

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