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Pokemon Sun & Moon Information In Next Edition Of CoroCoro

Those of you who are excited for more news regarding the next iteration of the Pokemon franchise Pokemon Sun & Moon will want to check out the next edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro. The magazine promises that it will have some degree of information to share about the highly anticipated titles. The next edition of the magazine is released on April 15th 2016. The magazine also teases something called Pokemon Elections which is related to the Pokemon movies. Again, details of this will be announced next month.


12 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun & Moon Information In Next Edition Of CoroCoro”

  1. Gonna assume starters and legendaries, maybe a full version of that bird pokemon that was teased too. I feel like we won’t get loads of region info until late into the summer.

  2. I am too hyped! I really am hoping they have listened to the fans in at least some aspects! We need a more challenging game. We need a more interesting storyline. We need longer, tougher routes like generation 4. Most of all, the Exp. Share needs to be nerfed. Preferably, it needs to go back to how it operated in the mid-generations: only affecting the one Pokemon who is hilding it, not the entirety of the team.
    Also, the sight of the emphasis on vehicles has intruiged me. I hope that they play a large role in the game. I hope there are highways and roads where we can pass by cars, and, I know it is quite a stretch, but, I hope that we can possibly drive around in a car. I know that is unlikely, but that would be pretty neat!
    Just the sight of these vehicles has me hoping that the region, routes, cities, etc. will be much more expansive!

  3. If they could bring back letting the first Pokemon in our party follow behind us, that would be great. It should have became a mainstay after it was done in Pokemon Yellow with Pikachu but changed to where the first Pokemon in your party followed behind you like how it was done in Heart Gold & Soul Silver. It sucks that it wasn’t done til those remakes & then immediately abandoned once they brought out X & Y. Quit bringing in features many love only to drop that feature in the next game. It’s fucking annoying!

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