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GDC 2016 Honors Satoru Iwata With A Three-Minute Video Tribute

The 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC) has honored the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata with a three-minute video, which you can watch below. The tribute was shown during the Game Developers Choice Awards last night, March 16. It was put together by four talented individuals – Raber Umphenour, Shawne Benson, David Hellman and Chris Kohler. Iwata was also granted a Lifetime Achievement Award during the DICE Awards last month.


14 thoughts on “GDC 2016 Honors Satoru Iwata With A Three-Minute Video Tribute”

  1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

    I wonder why didn’t these people show respect for this man while he was alive? Goes to show how many two faced bandwagoning bitches are out there

      1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

        -||I respect the Xbot leader Phil Spencer in the sense that he is a worthy enemy, he saved this disease that continues to flourish and I can’t wait until the day he fails||-

  2. Jesus, why does people keep putting up the “I’m a gamer” quote from Iwata? As a head businessman from a worldwide-known company, I bet he said more interesting things to say.

    1. That quote has particular significance here, since it’s from Mr. Iwata’s GDC 2005 keynote speech: “Heart of a Gamer.”

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  4. Don’t…. Cry…. Don’t…….. BWAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I can’t help it. When he went into the sky of Nintendo memorabilia I tried to hold back, only to feel tears a few seconds later falling out of my eye holes

  5. Kirby might be more heartbroken than all of us. Mr. Iwata desined the little guy and, with Sakurai’s help, brought him to life. He’s in a better place now, Kirby, help Mario keep his legacy alive.

  6. I instantly thought of this quotes from Futurama the moment I saw the headline. “Uh, what a pleasure it is to see my lifetime of accomplishment summed up in a 3-minute film.” Anyways, it was a lovely short 3-minute film. It was so beautiful and Majestic I think

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