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Satoru Iwata

Satoru Iwata And Shigeru Miyamoto Take Pay Cuts Following Nintendo’s Poor Performance

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has revealed that he will take a voluntary 50 per cent pay cut – for the next five months – following a press conference discussing its Q3 financial results. The president also announced today that two of the company’s directors – including famed video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto – will take a 30 per cent pay cut. Other board members will also have their salaries reduced by 20 per cent.

Earlier this month, the video gaming giant slashed its initial forecast sales for the Wii U and 3DS, admitting that it had a lower-than-expected outlook for its third quarterly financial results. Today, Nintendo has posted a loss of operating income equalling 1,578 million Yen ($15.3 million / £9.2 million / €11.2 million) and projects a future operating loss of up to 35 billion yen for its final financial quarter of the year. Our full report on Nintendo’s Q3 financial results will be published later today.


“We Are Thinking About A New Business Structure,” Says Iwata

Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata has announced that the company needs to restructure its current business model, following a press conference in Osaka today. In light of Nintendo’s 2013-14 fiscal year cuts – which slashed the forecasted 9 million units down to 2.8 million units for the Wii U and 18 million units to 13.5 million units for the 3DS – Iwata has insisted that changes need to be made, though it’s not as simple “as enabling Mario to move on a smartphone”.

Earlier today, Iwata said he would not resign in the wake of its third annual consecutive loss, drilling home the point that he would restore business momentum as soon as possible. Now, the CEO hopes to back up his claims by introducing a new business structure, studying smart devices and the industry’s trends, Bloomberg reports. He added that any reshuffles in management were not planned for the near future, though announcements in pay cuts – if any – would be shared after the investor’s meeting at the end of this month.

“We are thinking about a new business structure. Given the expansion of smart devices, we are naturally studying how smart devices can be used to grow the game-player business. It’s not as simple as enabling Mario to move on a smartphone.

“We cannot continue a business without winning. We must take a skeptical approach [on] whether we can still simply make game players, offer them in the same way as in the past for 20,000 yen or 30,000 yen, and sell titles for a couple of thousand yen each.”

Satoru Iwata

Satoru Iwata Says He Will Continue As President And Restore Nintendo’s Business Momentum

Satoru Iwata has remained adamant that he will see Nintendo through its financial crisis by continuing as the company’s president after its 2013-14 fiscal sales predictions fell short. Earlier today, Nintendo announced it had lowered its sales forecast for the Wii U and 3DS hardware and software, bringing its fiscal year predictions down from 9 million units to 2.8 million units for the Wii U and 18 million units to 13.5 million units for the 3DS.

But in a press conference today, as Nikkei reports, Iwata apologised to the company’s shareholders saying that he felt responsible for Nintendo’s poor business performance. However, he also reiterated that he would not resign, saying that the most important action was to restore business momentum as soon as possible.

In a press release published on Nintendo Japan’s website, Satoru Iwata explained that the company would post an ordinary income despite posting an operating loss, however, the CEO then said due to reversing deferred tax assets from losses carried over in previous fiscal years – mainly from the US – Nintendo expects to post a net loss of 25 billion yen against an initial projected income of 55 billion yen.

Nintendo is due to announce its third quarter 2013-14 fiscal year results on January 29, followed by an investor’s meeting on January 30, so we shall hear more on the company’s short-term and mid-term plans then. Now the news has had some time to digest, let us know how you feel about Iwata’s statement and Nintendo’s current position in the comments below.

Iwata Addresses Concern That 2DS Reveals A Lack Of Confidence In 3DS Hardware Design

nintendo_2dsIn Iwata’s latest Q & A session, he was asked if the release of 2DS equates to an admission by Nintendo that the company took a wrong turn by incorporating 3D effects into its handheld console, a move that takes it out of the hands of very young players. In true Iwata fashion, he defended Nintendo’s intentions by explaining that the 2DS had been in development for some time, in order to coincide with the new Pokemon release.

He also cited A Link Between Worlds as an example of a new game that specifically caters to 3DS users by taking full advantage of the 3D effect. Here is Iwata’s full transcript detailing the reasons why he believes the release 2DS was an intelligent move, and that 2DS and 3DS can exist side by side:

“Launching Nintendo 2DS at this point in time requires its development work to have begun a long time ago. Generally speaking, it takes approximately one and a half years before we can bring a new hardware system onto the market, and we already realized beforehand that it would be difficult to maximize the sales potential of Nintendo 3DS without an entry-level product ready in time for the release of a new Pokémon title. Because we already knew that the range of price options for Nintendo 3DS was not sufficient in light of the highly appreciated yen at the time, we had been preparing for this launch.”
“Incidentally the yen is now somewhat depreciated and we are able to offer Nintendo 2DS without facing profitability problems. This is very fortunate considering our business structure. We are offering such an option in order to further propel the popularity of the Nintendo 3DS platform in the overseas markets.

“Nintendo 2DS is, however, simply one of the options for consumers and we will continue to offer the existing Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL platforms in the overseas markets, and we are not saying that we will abandon 3D or cease to make new propositions in 3D. The Legend of Zelda title that we are going to release toward the end of the year is a superb showcase of the 3D effect, featuring a top-down style and offering a new form of gameplay by taking advantage of the 3D effect vertically.”

Wii Sports Club May Eventually Become Packaged Software


Nintendo has announced that Wii Sports Club may eventually become packaged software. Although the sports game will initially be distributed exclusively through the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, company president Satoru Iwata said in a recent briefing that he won’t rule out the possibility of a retail release. Bowling and tennis will launch in the eShop as standalone titles this Thursday, November 7th.

Iwata: I do not deny the possibility that “Wii Sports Club” may become packaged software in the future. However, for the future of Wii U, we have prioritized releasing tennis and bowling by the end of this year.

Iwata Embraces Smartphones And Other Non-Dedicated Gaming Devices


Nintendo has released Iwata’s Q & A transcript, in which the outspoken leader of Nintendo discusses everything from Nintendo’s holiday sales strategies to the Wii U Virtual Console. One of the more interesting topics of the transcripts in smartphones. Rather than putting Nintendo at odds with the devices, Iwata’s philosophy is one that accepts the devices as an alternative to dedicated gaming systems, and a means to connect with consumers. He cited Nintendo’s incorporation of Miiverse on smart devices as an example of a way in which Nintendo embraces the onslaught of new portable electronics that many are calling a threat to the home console market. Here are Iwata’s full comments on the subject:

“I think it is natural that many people feel that it is more convenient to use smart devices, as opposed to dedicated gaming systems, to play games to kill a bit of time. That is to say, there are some areas in which dedicated gaming systems were once used that now have greater potential on smart devices. On the other hand, dedicated gaming systems are developed by considering the software that is designed to run on the hardware, enabling us to make unique propositions.

“With that in mind, my view is that the gaming market will be segregated to a fair degree. However, this does not mean that smart devices will simply compete with dedicated gaming systems. Given their growth, I feel that we should make an effort to take advantage of their existence. For instance, we already made it possible to browse Wii U’s networking service called Miiverse on smart devices. Starting with this attempt, we are discussing among us how we can expand the use of smart devices to help drive the business of dedicated gaming systems.

“Smart devices have already played a central role in creating buzz among consumers above a certain age with respect to, for example, “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” “Monster Hunter 4” or “Pokémon X/Pokémon Y.” Twitter timelines filled with tweets about Monster Hunter and Pokémon can certainly help create awareness for the products, and we also know that many watch Nintendo Direct on their smart devices. Rather than simply viewing smart devices as competitors, we should consider ways in which we can use them for our business.”

Nintendo Targets 5 Million 3DS Sales Goal For Japan This Year

nintendo_3ds_xl_blackNintendo is continuing to drive sales of the 3DS by targeting sales upwards of 5 million units in Japan this year. The company is continuing to gain momentum for its handheld console which has continued to be the best-selling system for a number of weeks in Japan. Satoru Iwata announced the sales goal earlier today and was quick to remind the media and shareholders alike that last year they sold 5.5 million 3DS handhelds from 13.95 million units globally, and are predicting 18 million units in global sales this fiscal year.

With Monster Hunter 4 launching September 14 for Japan, as well as the Pokemon X and Y games on October 12, followed by the rumoured special 3DS XL bundles, there’s no doubt Nintendo shall reach their 5 million goal. As reported by Bloomberg, Satoru Iwata said the following in support of the target:

“There are more and more media reports suggesting that things aren’t going very well for the dedicated gaming hardware business. But that’s not true, at least for the 3DS in Japan.”

Iwata Says Wii U Basic Model Sales Show That Price Isn’t The Issue


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that the Wii U pricing isn’t to blame for poor sales of the company’s latest home console. Iwata says that it’s the lack of software that’s attributed to the loss of Wii U sales momentum. He pointed towards Wii U Basic sales as proof that the pricing isn’t an issue, as consumers aren’t even purchasing that system.

“If the price is actually an issue [with Wii U], then there is some contradiction between the current sales balance between the Basic and Premium versions of the Wii U.”

“The basic version should have sold a lot, but the fact of the matter is that people are buying more of the premium version. So the issue is not there.”

“I understand that the real issue is the lack of software, and the only solution is to provide the mass-market with a number of quality software titles.”

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Iwata: “We Strive To Regain Nintendo-Like Profits” For Next Fiscal Year

nintendo montageNintendo has just published their annual report for 2013, and includes a personal message from the current President Satoru Iwata. The report follows Nintendo’s quarterly financial results, which was published last week, and saw the Nintendo 3DS boosting profit margins across the board, while the Wii U struggled. Nintendo’s annual report for this year includes a wealth of figures for the clued-up financial whizz-kid, as well as some beautiful pictures recognising that the company grew up with you, as much as you grew up with their games. Iwata’s personal message contains many parts we already know about, like the integration of Miiverse and the Nintendo Web Framework – if you wish to read the full report you can do so here – but below we have chosen the most important parts of his statement.

“Since the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983, Nintendo has been offering the world unique and original entertainment products under the development concept of hardware and software integration. In the field of home entertainment, where there are few Japanese world-class industries, Nintendo has established a well-known brand truly representing video game culture throughout the world. Our basic strategy is the expansion of the gaming population, which is to encourage as many people in the world as possible, regardless of age, gender or gaming experience, to embrace and enjoy playing video games.

“Nintendo posted an operating loss for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013. However, we strive to regain “Nintendo-like” profits for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014 by providing many people with fascinating games and services. We continue to make brand-new and unique proposals, and make efforts for the growth of the home entertainment industry with a mission that is to pleasantly surprise people and put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches.”

“Nintendo Is Gonna Be Here In 100 Years,” Says Lorne Lanning


Earlier this month, Nintendo’s president and CEO, Satoru Iwata, revealed he’s against laying off workers. Although reducing the number of employees in a company is better for the business in the short run, Iwata doesn’t want the morale of staff to decrease due to the fear that they may be laid off. Speaking with VentureBeat, the founder of Oddworld Inhabitants, Lorne Lanning, has praised Iwata’s stance on layoffs.

“When he said that, in my opinion, he was immortalized in the creative community? I would work with him in a second,” said Lanning. “When a man in that type of position, in a world where the golden rule is the rule and that’s what’s expected at public companies, he stood up and said, “That’s not what we’re about. We’re about building great stuff. We have great people to build great stuff. We’re gonna do that.”

Lanning has also praised Nintendo’s way of doing things. While he’s not entirely sure of whether Microsoft will subsist in 100 years, Lanning is confident Nintendo will be here after a century.

“When I look at the history of Nintendo, I say, “Nintendo is gonna be here in 100 years.” I have no doubt,” Lanning said.” I doubt Microsoft will be here in 100 years. I know Zynga won’t be here in 100 years. I’ve been here longer than Zynga. [Laughs] We’re not making headlines in the Wall Street Journal, but we’re still building what we set out to build. Now we have to be clever and smaller in how we think, but we’re more self-empowered than we’ve ever been.”